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41 years of service, Wayne Minnaar became an institution

Old “spitheads”, you might say, never die… they just quietly disappear back into the bushes by the road, looking for another victim before the “Gatsometer” speed trap.

That’s a real brand name, by the way – and not a South African belief that the device is named after those who operate it – and has caught many a wandering motorist over the years.

But Wayne Minnaar was the most unusual guardian of law and order on our highways and byways – he was a gentle gentleman, always ready with a smile when dealing with members of the media as the spokesperson for the Joburg metro police

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Wayne was right in the middle of it — detailing traffic disruptions, from riots to rain showers, reminding City of Gold drivers not to drink and drive, exceed the speed limit, and be courteous and think of others.

It can’t always have been an easy job – after all, traffic cops are almost universally disliked, even if they work from headquarters and speak in front of microphones and cameras.

But Wayne did it all with confidence, seemingly never disturbed. You became an institution, sir, and served our city well.

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