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A curated supermarket in the heart of Rosebank

Gather is a curated local supermarket concept store featuring local producers of quality artisanal products and fresh organic vegetables.

The intent is to create a supermarket collective that changes the shopping experience by empowering the expert makers of food products to reach customers in an informed, immersive and curated way in a convenient location.

“Collect is the kid that we really considered and studied before deciding we’d bring it out. Hundreds of hours went into the forethought, the systems, the brand acquisition, the visuals, and most importantly the business model. We pride ourselves on the complexity and solid foundation,” said Twila Cannell, Gather curator and owner of The Grainery.

The brands that have come on board, including Amma’s Creamery and Razia’s Pickle, are special brands. They are a true celebration and a testament to the tenacity and creativity of the South African food entrepreneur.

You will find the get together shop at the first SOKO district located in Rosebank Mall, 50 Bath Avenuerose bank.

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