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Add some volume to your hair with your curling iron

Grandma will be thrilled to hear that in 2022 the glory of hair curlers will return, an accessory that people under 30 were never allowed to know about.

And yet they are the ones who have brought these rollers back into fashion on social networks, to pump up the volume with a big, bouncy blow-dry effect. Maybe Grandma was up to something after all…

Why spend huge amounts of money on fancy hair dryers and the like when you can get a perfect blowout with nothing more than curlers?

That’s a question you might be asking yourself when you see this “new” trick that has gone viral on TikTok.

The young users of the social network now swear by these little Velcro accessories to give their hair volume and even add a few curls for a more glamorous look.

But as usual, Millennials and Gen Zers went digging in Grandma’s closet to show off this new find, which, as you can see, isn’t innovative at all.

Many of us will remember seeing grannies or great-grandmothers roll their hair under a giant headscarf with the goal of getting a perfect perm.

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Well, it’s the same roles that younger generations are now promoting on social networks. Although this time it’s all about volume, not curls…or frizz.

Top trend

On TikTok, the craze quickly went viral, with a whopping 44 million views for the hashtag #velcrorollers.

In addition, the demand for tutorials continues to rise, with nearly 2.5 million views. So we can confirm loud and clear that curlers have officially made a comeback.

They make it possible to bypass the inconvenience and heat of a hair dryer and at the same time save. Convenient, affordable and effective – what more could you want?

To achieve optimal volume, choose curlers with Velcro that are adapted to your hair type and length.

Shorter hair can opt for smaller curlers, although most tutorials on TikTok preference for XXL size rolls. Another important detail is that you can use them on wet or dry hair.

So how does it work? First, brush your hair thoroughly to prevent knots from tangling in the curlers, then apply a spray, mousse, or cream, it doesn’t matter which one.

Then comes the crucial step. You have to separate your hair into several sections, adapted to the size of the curlers, then coil each one around the curler one at a time, from tip to root. Then secure it with a pin or clip.

Once all the rollers are in place, feel free to give them a splash of hairspray and then wait at least 20 minutes.

All you have to do is roll them out – always careful not to get your hair tangled in the curlers – and then style your hair with your fingers. Job done!

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