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Afterpay vs. QuadPay (2021) | A Battle of Two BNPL Services

Afterpay vs. Quadpay (2021) | A Battle of Two BNPL Services

BNPL is a banking service offered by both Afterpay and QuadPay. It’s a simple idea: as a customer, you make a purchase and you pay the entire cost upfront, then once the order is complete BNPL cheques the money from the store and then splits the rest (the settlement amount) with you.

Afterpay vs. word-image-10773 With the rapid growth of the buy now, pay later sector, new services are often added. Afterpay is an experienced service; QuadPay is still a newcomer, but it has taken the lead with its recent deal with Zip Co and its attractive features. What are the differences between the two options? Article : Afterpay vs. QuadPay – features and benefits of both systems.

Quick comparison: Afterpay vs. QuadPay

Feature After payment QuadPay
Accessibility 5 countries USA
Initial limit From $350 to $500 200 to 250 dollars
Maximum limit $200
Frequency of reimbursement Every other week. Every other week.
Duration 6 to 8 weeks Six weeks.
Late fees $10 $7
Type In store and online Visa (in agency and online)
Website Afterpay QuadPay

Quick comparison table


AvailabilityAfterpay and QuadPay word-image-10774 Afterpay is available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. This service is supported by more than 48,000 stores worldwide. The app also offers a virtual map (not available everywhere) that can be added to Google or Apple Pay for use in stores. However, you must activate it in the Afterpay application each time you use it. Also read : Afterpay vs. Sezzle | Battle of the two BNPL services QuadPay, on the other hand, doesn’t support as many stores as Afterpay, but the nature of the service means you can make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. Like Afterpay, you can add a virtual card to your payment application and use it in stores and online.


Registration procedureAfterpay and QuadPay word-image-10775

The registration procedure is similar in both cases. Afterpay asks:

  1. E-mail address
  2. Phone
  3. A valid login
  4. Date of birth
  5. Card or bank details

The application may charge a small fee to confirm payment details. However, the company does not check or influence your credit history. QuadPay, on the other hand, asks for a mobile phone number and the rest of the details follow after the mobile phone number is verified. According to the official website, the company does not conduct a hard credit check, but the website does not say anything about a soft credit check either.

How do they work?

How buying now and paying later works

After payment

The next section, Afterpay vs QuadPay, explains how the two work. Afterpay can be used in different ways. Let’s take a look at each of them: In the shop: A virtual card or barcode can be used in the store. In the application a barcode can be generated, which is valid for 10 minutes. Plus, the code is only valid at participating stores. The virtual card, which is gradually replacing the barcode, can be used to make payments faster, according to the website. Online: When you make an online purchase, you can select the Afterpay option on the checkout page. A window will appear asking you to enter your account information. The trading site will then verify the payment and provide you with a refund schedule. After confirmation the payment will be processed. Related: Afterpay vs. PayPal | Final Equation


There are three ways to use QuadPay. In the shop: If you shop in the store, you can go to the QuadPay app and click on the Instore button at the top. A window will appear asking you to enter the total amount. After entering the amount, the virtual card stored in your payment application can be used to pay in the store. Online: The first steps to deposit the total amount are the same as for the payment in the shop. The virtual card in the application works like a credit or debit card. First, you will be given the card number, expiration date and CVV code, which you must enter on the merchant’s website to pay. The second option is to look for the payment option with QuadPay. This option will take you to QuadPay’s website to log in with your account. The next steps are the same as for Afterpay.

Limit values

Post-payment limits vs. QuadPay limits word-image-10776 The minimum limit proposed by Afterpay varies from $200 to $350 depending on the country. The company will increase the limit after you have successfully withdrawn money several times. The maximum amount offered by Afterpay is $1,500, but in Australia the limit can go up to $2,000. There is no minimum spending limit with Afterpay, but brands can limit certain types of payments. QuadPay, meanwhile, offers a few hundred dollars to start, and like Afterpay, the limit increases the more you use the service. Unfortunately, the maximum limit is not mentioned on the site, but from the screenshots, we can assume it’s between $1,500 and $2,500.

Late payment surcharge

From Afterpay, the company charges $10 if the total order value is less than $40. If the value of the order exceeds $40, the company will charge up to 25% of the value of the order. The company charges an additional $7 if payment is not made within seven days. Related: Klarna vs Afterpay (2021) | Final Showdown QuadPay, on the other hand, charges $7 if you miss a payment. In addition, the company has set a maximum charge of $14 per order. In other words, if they charge you a maximum of $14 per order.

Risks BNPL

Risks from BNPL word-image-10777 Investing in any of these services is risky. First, neither company performs a credit check, so they don’t know if the customer will be able to pay on time. Second, buyers can easily overspend, which can lead to problems in getting money back.

Which one should I choose?

Both are good options, but everything depends on what you need it for. While Afterpay is reliable, it doesn’t offer a card that can work everywhere. QuadPay, while not offered in many stores, is a good choice because of its highly addictive nature. So until Afterpay offers the same, I suggest you sign up with QuadPay.



The buy now, pay later industry has only just begun. However, there is still a lot to discover, and it is worth signing up for one of these services now to enjoy even more benefits in the future. Anyway, the article: Afterpay and QuadPay discussed important topics. I hope this has helped you decide which option is best for you. Let me know what you think in the comments so we can discuss this further.

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