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Amanda du-Pont talks about breast augmentation surgery

Actress Amanda du-Pont speaks openly about the process of undergoing a breast augmentation.

Amanda is known for her roles on skeem saam and as an entrepreneur. She shared on Instagram that her journey to find the right doctors to perform this procedure takes time.

The founder of Lelive, who is a fitness fanatic, says the weight loss has caused her to lose some tissue on her breasts.

“It’s no secret how passionate I am about my fitness. Through training I have lost fat and gained muscle. This meant I lost tissue on my breasts, which made me aware.

“On a quest for the best medical care for my breast augmentation, @arpanumedical found me the best clinic and surgeon. They put together the best medical trip, including hotel, surgery and aftercare. †

She traveled to Turkey to have the procedure performed by Arpanu Medical. breast augmentation breast size increases and involves placing breast implants under the tissue or the pectoral muscles.

Amanda says she’ll post her recovery once her implants heal, adding that she’s open to answering questions from her fans after the surgery.

She praised the clinic for the well-organized trip and the nurses who treated her so well.

allegations of rape

Du-Pont claimed that Jub Jub (Molemo Maarohanye) repeatedly raped her during their relationship in 2021. Last December, her lawyer confirmed that she had opened a rape case against Jub Jub.

Du-Pont posted a heartbreaking video to Instagram urging other victims to speak out against Jub Jub, and women heeded her call.

The video was in response to Jub Jub bragging about Podcast and Chill how he “beat” du-Pont and later cheated on her with Kelly Khumalo.

Du-Pont hit back by saying that he did not “crush” her, he physically assaulted her and raped her repeatedly during their two-year relationship.

Jub Jub was suspended by Moja Love for hosting the big show Uyajola 9/9.

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