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ANC condemns MultiChoice and EU after pulling the plug from Russia

The African National Congress (ANC) has criticized the European Union (EU) for sanctions imposed by Russia after the country invaded Ukraine.

South Africa’s ruling party deplored the fact that the sanctions, which it labeled as “draconian”, have resulted in MultiChoice suspending the Russian state-backed television channel. Russia today (RT) of his DStv bouquet.

It also said the decision affects South Africans’ freedom of choice.

“This has led the South African MultiChoice platform to unilaterally withdraw Russian TV from its offer, negatively affecting subscribers’ freedom of choice and limiting their consumption of news about developments in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. said the ANC in his statement.

The ANC also accused MultiChoice of censorship and said the broadcaster’s decision was made in bad faith.

†[It] undermines the freedom of association of subscribers and negatively affects the need for plurality of opinion and media freedom, which is sacred and provided for by our constitution.”

Earlier this week, MultiChoice said suspending Russia Today was not the company’s decision, but the channel’s global distributor.

Sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union have resulted in the worldwide distributor of the channel stopping supplying its broadcasts to all suppliers, including MultiChoice, it said.

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This came as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) demanded Russia Today reinstatement on the DSTV bouquet. The Red Berets said the decision undermines both press freedom and consumer rights.

“MultiChoice has chosen which news outlets consumers should watch and dictated which content to watch, based on their loyalty in a complex conflict in Europe. This is a classic move by imperialist-minded entities, seeking to monopolize what people think and be the sole custodians of a narrative that requires balanced and honest reporting. MultiChoice has in fact stated that the only reliable international news channels are those affiliated with NATO, such as CNN and the BBC,” the party said.

Additional reporting by Faizel Patel

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