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Apple could quickly fix FaceID problems without replacing the entire iPhone

Apple has reportedly told its Apple Stores and authorized third-party service providers that they will soon be able to fix FaceID issues on all supported iPhone models without having to replace the entire device. According to a memo obtained by MacRumours, the repairers will have access to Apple’s TrueDepth camera portion which will contain the FaceID sensors and the front camera module. Technicians can install this TrueDepth camera part in the FaceID-enabled iPhones to solve the problem without replacing the iPhone.

The memo also reveals that Apple Stores and Apple’s authorized service providers can use the company’s Service Toolkit diagnostic tool to determine if they need to perform a Face ID repair on the same device using the new FaceID component instead of the entire device. replacement or an iPhone rear system repair. The company has reportedly told the publications that detailed documentation and training related to this new repair technique will be made available to technicians at a later date.

The company reportedly said this move will help reduce the number of repairs to the entire unit. It will also help reduce the overall carbon footprint of its products. As for the iPhone users, the move could prove to be an affordable option for the customers who could end up paying a significantly lower amount for FaceID unit repair. However, the company made no mention of its price.

Notably, Apple first introduced FaceID functionality with the launch of the iPhone X in 2017. But the report says the phone has been excluded from the list. The new repair service is available for the iPhone XS and newer iPhone models.
Interestingly enough, the update comes just months after Apple released the Self-service repair program to enable users to repair their Apple devices using the company’s original tools and parts. When announcing the program, Apple said that the program would be available first for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series devices, and later for Mac computers with M1 chips. The Self Service Repair program launched in the US last year and will be available to other countries in the course of 2022.

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