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Bobby van Jaarsveld makes a trip down memory lane on his birthday

“Thanks for all the birthday messages,” reads the caption of African singer Bobby van Jaarsveld’s latest Instagram post, featuring a fun family photo that fits into a frame.

“Grateful that I got another year,” he wrote. “Thank you, Father for your grace.”

Bobby celebrated his birthday with his loved ones last weekend and went all out with funny outfits and hats while bowling.

His wife Annatjie took the cake when it came to outfits, wearing a pink top from the past when they were engaged, with the words ‘Mrs. Van Jaarsveld is written on it. She even put a pillow under it to look pregnant.

Their kids were also involved in the fun, wearing cute animal themed hats, leopard print tops and glasses with missing lenses.

But it was Bobby’s sister Karlien van Jaarsveld’s Instagram post that really did the day justice. She wished her brother a happy birthday with some impressive throwback photos and a lengthy message where she talked about their journey together and how it reminds her how they have always looked after each other.

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The photos she shared included a vintage-looking photo of the two of them and their parents at Bobby’s christening, and another of a young Bobby wearing a red mesh shirt, black hat and rapper bling — he looks like a bit too much like Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

There are also a few photos of him with his sister, one with his wife, and some photos of special family memories.

“Congratulations my brother @bobbyvanjaarsveld,” she wrote.

In her message, her wish for Bobby was: “May the Plimsoll line of your vessel be visible, flush with the water that you never load more than what you need for your journey, but also enough that you are not seen as lightweight. Enjoy another year of this journey of discovery into your inner self. I love you.”

Leandie du Randt also responded to Karlien’s post, saying: “Happy Birthday Bobster! I bless you from your socks – you are a nice person!”

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