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Case against DJ Fresh, Euphonik not reopened, says NPA

After initially claiming to be unaware of the reopening of the rape case against DJ Fresh and Euphonik, North Gauteng’s National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) regional spokesman Lumka Mahanjana has officially stated that there is currently no change in the status of the case.

“The status of the case remains the same, no new information has come to light,” Mahanjana said in a statement.

“However, in a case where there has been no prosecution, lines of inquiry that were initially not followed due to time constraints can be followed to see if they yield anything new. That could perhaps lead to a reconsideration of the matter,” Mahanjana added.

This means the case has not been officially reopened as mentioned before† However, Mahanjane confirmed that The The Vanir-exodus that this does not preclude this case or a separate case from coming to light if an investigation provides additional evidence.

On Sunday, city ​​press reported that DJs Fresh and Euphonik (Thato Sikwane and Themba Nkosi) would “get another chance” as the case against them had been reopened.

The case in question is one opened by a prosecutor who initially claimed on Twitter in early 2021 that the couple drugged and raped her at a party a decade earlier. The Twitter user identified as @Nampree later opened a formal case at a police station.

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The prosecutor’s attorney, Brenda Madumise-Pajibo, told the publication that the police had informed her client that: the case was reopened but they did not explain why this decision had been made. It was also not clear what the case was.

In addition to her case against the two DJs, Madumise-Pajibo’s client had criticized the police’s conduct during the investigation process. She had reportedly even gone so far as to present her grievances to Police Commissioner Kehla Sithole.

“We have been very consistent. We have also addressed this dispute with the public defender. We suspect that because the public defender is going to ask questions, the police have decided to reopen the case,” Madumise-Pajibo told the publication.

Speak with The The Vanir-exodus Speaking about these recent developments on Tuesday, Madumise-Pajibo said simply: “The Saps has decided to reopen the investigation into this matter. For any clarification, Saps may be contacted to confirm.”

She wouldn’t be drawn to further details.

Last year, the NPA announced that they would not prosecute the Fresh and Euphonik because their investigation into the case showed there was “no prospect of a successful prosecution based on the evidence available” because the evidence they had in front of them at the time had been taken into consideration. inadequate.

The The Vanir-exodus had previously reached out to both DJ Fresh and Euphonik for comment and have not yet received a response.

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