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Crime stats: murder rates up, sex crimes down

According to the latest quarterly crime statistics, the homicide rate in South Africa increased by 8.9% between October and December 2021.

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This means that 562 more people died in South Africa between October and December last year than in the same period in 2020.

Police Minister Bheki Cele on Friday released the quarterly crime statistics in Cape Town for the third quarter.

The good news was that common robberies, sex crimes, attempted sex crimes, and contact sex crimes decreased over the reporting period.

Murder is on the rise

According to Cele, of the 6,859 people killed in the country between October and December 2021, 902 were women and 352 children. 232 Murders were the result of domestic violence.

“Murder remains worryingly stubborn. In the three months of reporting, an 8.9% increase in homicides was recorded, i.e. 562 more people were killed in South Africa,” the minister said.

Cele said the Northwest province registered the highest increase in homicide cases, while fewer people were killed in the Free State and Western Cape provinces.

He said the four main reasons behind the high murder rate were fights, vigilantes, robberies and revenge or retaliation by perpetrators.

“A total of 2,599 people have been killed in public places. The second most likely place for murder is with the victim or the perpetrator. Liquor stores were the third most likely place to be killed in South Africa,” Cele said.

View the quarterly crime statistics briefing here

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