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Daily Hacks: Boning Chicken Pieces

Sometimes chicken is best deboned for dishes like pasta, tacos, wraps, stews, and nachos.

Wayne Chang has taken to TikTok to share a few hacks on boning various chicken pieces to ensure the actual chicken piece isn’t ruined or torn during the boning process.

Deboned chicken wings

Start by cutting the tendons on the drumlets with a kitchen knife, then use your fingers to feel and separate the remaining tendons, which you will also cut with the knife.

Use your fingers to peel the chicken off the bone, until you get to the bottom of the bone where it is joined by joints to the twin bones.

Using a utility knife, carefully cut the joints to remove the drum bone from the twin bones.

You then use the blade to separate the twin bones, before cutting off the tendons connecting the twin bones.

Use your fingers to loosen any other tendons connecting the meat to the bone, then push the meat down to separate it from the twin bones.

Once you get to the bottom of the twin bones, you can remove the bones from the meat by gently pulling the bones apart to make sure you don’t tear the meat.

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Debone chicken thighs

Using a kitchen knife, make an incision from the vertical bone down to the joints of the bone.

Feel the joints with your fingers for any tendons connecting the bone to the meat, use the knife to cut them.

After you are sure that all the tendons have been cut, you can push the meat to the bottom of the bone.

At the base of the bone is a tendon that is easily visible, use the knife to cut it and separate the base of the bone from the meat.

Once that’s done, use your fingers to separate the rest of the bone from the meat until the bone is completely separated from the meat.

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