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Decisions, decisions and unexpected twists

Although some of the farmers looked like they had it all figured out, the emotions were still clear: Farmer Souk ‘n WomanEach of the five farmers had to say goodbye to one of the three girls this week.

The unpredictable weather had baffled Petré and his trio of girls, but ultimately their river experience led Petré to decide which two girls to ask to stay. Thunder rumbled in the background as Nelis had to make a choice, while Willem struggled indoors with similar weather – not knowing if he really feels any connection to any of the three girls he invited to the farm. A whirlwind hijacked Tyson’s deliberate decision and Johan found the process extremely difficult, saying, “It doesn’t get any easier.”

Speaking to presenter Marciel Hopkins, Petré said that Bu-Anda – the girl from the ‘Boland’ will probably bring some energy into his life, while Lourize will feel comfortable in his midst and Eloise – an introvert – will be the perfect housewife. . In the end it was Eloise who unfortunately had to say goodbye. She told Marciel that being part of the… Farmer Souk ‘n Woman series taught her that she needs to let go and open up to love.

Eloise, Bu-Anda and Lourize
Eloise, Bu Anda and Lourize. Image: Included

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After their expedition to the Vaal River, Nelis was 90% sure of his decision. He told Marciel that although he makes decisions with both his head and his heart, his heart usually has the last word. Back at the farm, the rain and the rumbling thunder in the background set the mood as he told Marciel he’s ready for love. He asked Margot and Esmerelda to stay on, while Steffeni — who nearly cried as she told Marciel she doesn’t know why she hasn’t found love yet — was knocked out. Steffeni finally said she felt relieved after being knocked out and wished the other two girls the best. After Nelis announced his decision, Margot and Esmerelda immediately asked if they could drink wine now, and he said, “We can do anything. It rains.”

Nelis had a difficult choice to make
Nelis faced a difficult choice. Image: Included

Tyson, who doesn’t like drama, was caught off guard by Chantelle who decided she didn’t want to stay on any longer. “Your intuition guides you,” she told Marciel. The other two girls wanted to know if that had been Tyson’s choice to stay on, after which he said Chantelle made the decision a little easier. He told them that he would like to get to know them both better. “Love begins with friendship,” he told Marciel. Tyson also shared that there is one of the girls he particularly likes – especially her eyes and her hair.

Tyson was caught off guard
Tyson was overthrown. Image: Included

In Marquard, Johan and his trio of choice literally tried all the local delis there were to try, including pizza, porridge and shrimp. Chanzé told Marciel that she really liked when Johan looked at her, so it was quite difficult to be the one who was asked to leave the farm. Liandi and Arina – both of whom have strong personalities – stay longer, while Arina giggles that she hopes Johan is interested in her. “I like a manly man,” she told Marciel. Johan said that he doesn’t like to be micro-controlled and that he is looking for a woman with a soft personality. Liandi, who says family is very important to her, believes she shares that feeling with farmer Johan and says she would like to start a family and share her life with someone.

Saying goodbye was not easy
Saying goodbye was not easy. Image: Included

Willem told Marciel that he’s a little worried because he doesn’t really feel a connection with any of the three girls he’s picked yet. But he also said that there were two of the three women whose personality he was beginning to understand a little bit better and that’s why he decided to ask Chantel and Sonja to stay. Willem has two children and Sonja told Marciel that she would like to talk to him about that in the coming days because she also has two children and “it’s important to talk about it”. She also told Marciel that she really wanted to stay. Chantel – who has a strong personality – believes Willem would like someone to support him and she says she could fill those shoes. Nicky, who did not make the next round, told Marciel that she thinks Willem made the right choice.

Sonja, Nicky and Chantel
Sonja, Nicky and Chantel. Image: Included

As Johan rightly said, it doesn’t get any easier in the matchmaker seriesstarting to show signs of competitiveness.

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