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Did you know that these staples in your makeup bag are multifunctional?

Still using your concealer to hide the puffiness that makes your eyes look tired? If so, then it’s not that you’re a has-been, but let’s just say you have some serious catching up to do.

In social networks, the trend of the moment is to find alternative uses for cosmetics.

So an eyebrow pencil is used as a lipstick, a lip pencil becomes an eyeshadow and a concealer turns into a highlighter. So much more fun, not to mention environmentally friendly!

We might have thought — probably stupidly — that lip pencils were only meant to outline our mouths and enhance our lips. But TikTok users quickly understood that cosmetics can have multiple lives and just as many uses.

For a few months now, the social network has been an inexhaustible source of tips and tricks, some more original than others, all aimed at hijacking cosmetics from their original functions to transform them into real beauty innovations.

While these hacks may seem silly at first glance, they’re no less effective – according to the TikTok community – but above all, they have a sustainable slant.

Because who hasn’t left mascara, pencil or concealer lying around in the bathroom for months because it wasn’t the right shade or not so handy?

Now you might as well avoid trash and find another use for those items that lie on the side of your sink. And that’s where the hacks come in!

An alternative use for any pencil

In just a few weeks, TikTokers switched the original features of their lip and eyebrow pencils. Some now use the former to get the perfect smokey eye while others are turning to the latter to get the perfect shade of lipstick.

It’s hard to follow, we agree, but these tips have already been seen – and adopted by thousands of users.

Not content with hijacking the brow pencil, TikTokers went to great lengths to get the perfect lip color by adding a dash of blush — which is intended for the cheeks, of course — before finishing it off with a small dose of shimmer.

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Unbelievable, but true! According to the proponents, the whole process helps to get ultra-glamorous and luscious lips. At least more than with a regular lipstick.

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From concealer to highlighter

You may not know it, but concealer isn’t just for dark circles and pimples. That’s way too obvious! In 2022 it will be mixed with other products to brighten your eyes or get perfect contours.

As we mentioned, TikTok users are budding creatives – nothing escapes them, not even the infinite possibilities of concealer.

A few weeks ago, a TikToker revived a 2000s beauty hack that involved applying a white concealer to texture her face and brighten her eyes. The video has gone viral and has racked up several million views.

It followed another ingenious hit video about the “Rainbow Contour,” a method of achieving a perfect, natural glow without a single touch of foundation.

Concealer, blush, cream bronzers and the like applied in a rainbow of stripes would give the result in just a few minutes, as demonstrated by many contouring enthusiasts.

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Other unlikely hacks

And since more is more, it seems, TikTokers are tireless in their pursuit of original hacks, sometimes going to extremes – and possibly too far – when it comes to showcasing new finds.

As a result, several users have had fun hijacking the use of the jade roller, which was originally intended to firm the face and reduce dark circles and wrinkles, by turning it into a beauty blender.

A trick that turned out to be a success because it allows you to enjoy the benefits of the jade roller while applying your foundation with precision. But the craze was short-lived, as this hack requires time and patience.

On another note, one user went so far as to use intimate lubricant as a foundation base, making it a very surprising primer.

From this initiative came a large number of videos in which users were raving about the results and showing off their glowing complexion.

However, some products are unlikely to be derived from their primary functions. And this is undoubtedly the case with lube, which is not really intended for the face. In the end, there’s nothing better than a good old foundation to hide the little blemishes that bother you today.

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