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DStv Implements New Change To Restrict Password Sharing For ‘DStv Now’

Entertainment platform DStv has angered viewers with a new change to restrict password sharing on their DStv Now streaming platform.

The announcement was made Tuesday via a push alert to their DStv Now customers.

From March 22, 2022, DStv Now users will only be able to stream from one device at a time. The devices can still log in with the same password, they just can’t stream at the exact same time.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to combat password sharing and piracy, while continuing to provide you with the best viewing experience, we will be introducing measures to limit concurrent streaming,” read part of an explanation shared on the website of the pay TV service

“As of March 22, 2022, customers will be limited to streaming DStv on one device at a time. They can still view previously downloaded content on a second device.”

The DStv Now app has become popular among younger users who no longer want to own a television or pay for the service.

It has also led to the sharing of passwords mentioned by the pay TV service provider, with the account holder sharing their DStv Now credentials with friends or family who can’t necessarily afford their own subscription.

The announcement was immediately met with disdain by social media users who have grown fond of the scheme.

DStv quickly became a trending topic, climbing higher than topics like “Rosentenville” and Big brother Mzansi (#BBMzansi).

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This isn’t the first time DStv has upset customers, recently announcing their 2022 price increases, which have been criticized as much as the streaming device limit change.

While the price increases are quite nominal, the public is not happy about this, citing the quality of content currently available on the platform.

However, according to DStv, this is the opposite, as the adjustments follow a period of higher value offerings from DStv in the form of local and international general entertainment and sports content, DStv Internet and Rewards.

From April 1, 2022, Premium subscribers will pay 1.21% or just R10 more per month, while Compact Plus will increase by 1.86% or R10, Compact by 4.89% or R20, Family by 4.75% or R14 and DStv Access with 4.35% or R5.

Prices for Easyview, Showmax, Add Movies and BoxOffice will remain unchanged this year.

The pay-TV provider explained that they had thought about the challenges South African consumers face.

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