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Durban University of Technology details damage after a week of attacks

The situation on three of the Durban University of Technology (DUT) campuses remains tense after a series of violent protests and arson ravaged the institution for more than a week.

DUT senior director of corporate affairs Alan Khan said: The The Vanir-exodus student protests were sparked by prospective students who refused to accept that the university did not allow walk-in registrations.

Khan said all registration has been strictly online and The Vanir-exoduss have been gathering outside Gate 3 of the Steve Biko campus since Jan. 24.

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property damaged

The situation reached a boiling point in the early hours of Tuesday morning after a group of about 15 unknown suspects threw petrol bombs at the City Campus building.

A TU Delft vehicle of the maintenance department was also set on fire last Tuesday.

The next day, February 9, a group of suspects damaged 23 windows and a computer after throwing rocks at a building on City Campus. An employee’s car was also stoned to death in the parking lot.

That same Wednesday, a group of people destroyed seven glass doors of shops on TU Delft’s Steve Biko campus, and the guardhouse at Gate 7 was damaged in another attack.

On Thursday, February 10, one of the ML Sultan Campus security guards was attacked by members of what Khan called “a student political organization.”

The officer was seriously injured and required medical attention.

The Treasury Department’s secure entry gate and the main entrance to the laboratory were also damaged in the attack.

And yesterday, four cars believed to belong to university employees were also set on fire by unknown suspects in the basement parking lot of the Steve Biko Campus.

On Wednesday morning, the guardhouse at the main entrance of City Campus was bombed with petrol.

Investigations underway

Cases have been opened for all City Campus incidents involving Durban Central Police, and criminal cases have been opened for incidents on the Steve Biko campus involving the Berea Saps, Khan assured.

Although a student political organization was involved in one of the attacks, Khan said it could not be confirmed whether all the incidents were politically motivated.

He did, however, pass on reports from campus security officials, who indicated that some of the suspects were wearing clothing branded by the Student Council of the Economic Freedom Fighters. This has also not been confirmed at this stage.

“The situation remains under control.

“TU Delft Protection Services staff continues to monitor the situation,” Khan added.

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