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Earn and use Miles Points

Krafton has introduced a new Mileage system in the New State Mobile game. Starting today, players can collect Miles points. These points are made available via crates. The points can then be used to get special rewards. Each reward requires a certain number of Mileage Points. Also read – New State celebrates 100 days with new Round Deathmatch: Check events, rewards

Earn Miles Points

-You can receive Miles points in new state by opening certain crates obtained with NC, Chicken Medals or Crate Tickets.
-Each of these crates offers a different type of Mileage Point, and each type of Mileage Point can be redeemed for a specific set of rewards.
-You can earn Mileage points by opening crates, which you can get in the store or through event crate tickets. Also read – Sony launches over 10 new live service games for Microsoft, Epic Games

Using Miles Points

-To use your Miles Points, you must collect a specific type of Miles Points by opening the chest that offers the corresponding type of Miles Points.
-Once you’ve collected enough points to redeem for a special reward, an icon will appear in the odometer bar.
-Tap the icon to view the rewards popup and claim your reward! Also read – Microsoft announces 10 free games coming to Game Pass this month: Check out the full list

Expiration of mileage points

-When a crate’s sales period ends, the Miles Points accumulated from that specific crate will expire and cannot be used.
-Make sure to use up the Mileage Points of a specific crate before the crate sales period ends!

New Deathmatch Event

New State has also opened a new Deathmatch event for its players. The studio celebrates 100 days of launch and offers multiple rewards. The special event kicked off on Friday and will run through February 24. Players are also eligible for daily rewards for regular logins.

Players who win during the event will receive:

-10 Chicken Medals

-10 Royal Chest Tickets

-10,000 BP

-Winners announcements will be posted via separate message after the event is over.

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