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EFF announces donations for the first time as ANC announces 22 million yuan

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has confirmed that political parties have declared a total of nearly R46 million in donations.

“This amount is greater than the R30,008,841.74 declared in the first quarter, but less than the R56,880,644.47 declared in the second quarter,” the spokesperson said. IEC said in a statement on Tuesday.

The committee released its third quarterly report, in which 11 political parties disclosed donations of more than R100,000 as required by the Political Party Financing Act (PPFA

The PPFA regulates the public and private funding of political parties.

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The ANC received the highest amount of donations from all parties and declared R22 million (R22,803,969) despite previously complaining that they experienced problems to collect money.

Batho Batho Trust donated R15 million to the ANC, making it the largest amount a party has received from a single donor.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) follows, after receiving just over R12 million (R12 519 623.47), while ActionSA declared R5 million (R5,072 348.50).

The economic freedom fighters (EF) announced its donations for the first time ever, totaling R3.1 million (R3,148 176.00).

Other parties stated the following:

  • Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) – R787,588.00
  • Freedom Front Plus (FF+) – R484.438.00
  • Patriotic Alliance (PA) – R430,000.00
  • GOOD Batch– R340,447.00
  • African Transformation Movement (ATM) – R 200,000.00
  • Abantu Integrity Movement (AIM) – R100.000.00

The IEC found that the number of statements by political parties increased in the third quarter compared to previous quarters.

“In the two previous quarters, only two and six parties respectively filed a complaint. It is remarkable that there are three parties, namely; ActionSA, ANC and DA have consistently made statements throughout the three quarters,” the commission said.

A total value of R5.6 million (R5,679 086.97) in in-kind donations was declared, with ActionSA receiving the largest amount of R4,922,348.50.

ActionSA and DA received donations from foreign sources amounting to R530,000.00 and R840,191.47 respectively.

Financing threshold saga

Earlier this year it turned out that the ANC is looking for to raise the PPFA’s R100,000 threshold to R250,000 or R500,000 per year.

The ANC also wants the amount of R15 million that a single person or entity can donate to be increased to between R50 million and R100 million.

The ruling party repeatedly gave the 2018 Act for the ongoing money crisis, with the party that cannot pay its employees their salary for several months.

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Meanwhile, a coalition of civil society organizations – including My vote counts who have called for the funding threshold to be lowered to R10,000 – have argued that the amendments proposed by the ANC are “not in the public interest”.

The organizations said the proposal was “deeply concerning”, especially in light of the commission of inquiry into allegations of State Captures report, which was made public in Januaryj.

The 874 page status registration report suggested that the ANC profited from the proceeds of corruption through donations

The report cited evidence heard by the commission as an example showing that Bosasa — among other companies that scored offers irregularly from the government – donations made to the ANC

Political Party Financing Act

The 2018 PPFA entered into force on April 1, 2021.

It came after President Cyril Ramaphosa in January 2021 announced its decision to implement the law following the approval of the bill by the National Assembly.

The law, signed into law in January 2019, establishes the mechanism for the funds to be provided to political parties represented in parliament and in the provincial legislature to do their job.

Political parties that violate certain sections of the law may hefty fines ranging from R40,000 to R1 million

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