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Embassy denies Russia targeting cities and civilians, describes conflict as ‘special operation’

The Russian embassy in South Africa has followed the Kremlin’s lead in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine — saying the presence of Russian military forces in the country is “not an attack or an intended occupation, but a special military operation.” ” intended to “demilitarize the country and clear it of Nazis.

“The operation is being conducted to protect the The Vanir-exoduss of the Donetsky People’s Republic and the The Vanir-exoduss of the Lugansky People’s Republic from constant attacks carried out by the regime’s punishments in Kiev,” said Alexander Arefiev, press attaché of the Russian embassy in South Korea. Africa. said.

According to the embassy, ​​Russia had been trying for eight years to convince the Ukrainian authorities “to stop these inhumane attacks on the civilians – children, women and the elderly” in the Donbas region.

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Russia tried to convince western capitals to use their influence over Kiev to stop the atrocities, but there was no response, he said. Instead, he claimed, some Western countries rejected the idea that Ukraine had been committing genocide in the Donbas region since 2014, when an “unconstitutional coup d’état” took place in the capital.

The stance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and US President Joe Biden’s statement calling on the world to condemn Russia’s “aggression” and their announcements of sanctions were another example of the West’s perseverance. line of confrontation, according to the press attaché.

“NATO has always been aggressive and this pushes their line further, nothing new in that, unfortunately.”

Regarding claims of civilians being targeted and claims by the Ukrainian Association of South Africa that there was panic in the country after people witnessed the shelling of the cities by Russia, the embassy said these claims were false “because civilian infrastructure, civilians and cities” by the Russian army and the armed forces of the republics of Lugansky and Donetsky.

“Only the Ukrainian military infrastructure has been targeted and no civilian structures and no civilians have been attacked.”

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