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Endangered Amur tiger captured in stunning camera trap photo |

The scene was captured in December 2021 by wildlife photographer Sascha Fonseca using a hidden camera trap.

Sascha, from Germany, says the image is special, as the Amur tigers are in danger of extinction and this was an undocumented man.

He explains: “A male Siberian tiger passed my camera trap deep in the forests of Russia’s Far East.

“It turned out to be an unknown man who had not yet been documented. So the researchers I’ve been working with on my camera trap project invited me to give it a name.

“We agreed on ‘Leo’ because of the distinctive L-pattern on his left cheekbone, and after the famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.

“The fact that there are wild Amur tigers in the world today is a miracle. Only 3-4% of the area of ​​an Amur tiger’s range is protected by nature reserves and national parks.

“Habitat loss, logging and mining, poaching, hunting and a dwindling gene pool — the world’s largest cat clings amid a myriad of interrelated problems.”

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