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Facebook, Twitter highlight safety tips for people in Ukraine

As tensions escalate dramatically between Ukraine and Russiameta-property facebook and Twitter security teams have sprung into action. While Facebook has enabled the “lock profiles” tool for users in Ukraine, Twitter has posted tips on how users can protect their accounts from hacking and “manage their account and digital information” on the platform. Also read – Here’s How To Unlink Your Facebook Profile From Instagram

According to a tweet from Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of security policy, the company has set up a “Special Operations Center” made up of experts (including native speakers) to respond in real time and “keep a close eye on the situation” and to act as soon as possible. Also read – This new malware can take control of your social media accounts

As for the “profile lock” tool, Gleicher explains that it is “a one-click tool that allows people in Ukraine to lock their account by quickly applying existing privacy settings and new features. When their profile is locked, people can who are not their friends, do not download or share their profile picture or see posts on their timeline.” Also read – Mark Zuckerberg Burned $500 Billion Renaming Facebook to Meta

Twitter, on the other hand, has highlighted key features including setting a strong password, two-factor authentication, and deactivating your account. In addition, it also teaches users how to find out if their tweets are protected (visible only to followers) or public so that they can adjust their settings accordingly. If you think your Twitter account has been hacked, Twitter has provided tips on what to do next. Users are also advised to be careful about tweeting locations as this will be displayed on the platform.

These safety tips are posted in English, Russian and Ukrainian to help users.

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