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Fan favorite eliminated in latest episode of ‘Masterchef SA’

The MasterChef South Africa kitchen sizzles from the get-go, and season four has been filled with surprising eliminations so far.

In episode five, which aired Monday night, the contestants were tasked with creating a dish from classic South African ingredients such as dried peaches and cheese.

Episode 5 Highlights of MasterChef South Africa

The contestant’s dishes had to bring out flavors of sweet, salty and savory.

The remaining 16 home cooks had 75 minutes to finish their dishes.

Judge Gregory Czarneckic left a spanner in the works when he informed them, with only 30 minutes left in the cook, to add one more ingredient to incorporate into their dish, mebos.

Mebos is a jam made from mashed apricot, salt and sugar.

It has a spicy and sour taste.

The other two judges, Zola Nene and Justine Drake, were aware that the ingredient is rarely used and has an unfamiliar taste.

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The top dishes were from participant Tembisa, who cooked a quinoa risotto and mebos sauce.

She originally wanted to make samp risotto but had trouble with the pressure cooker, but the judges were impressed with the balance of flavors and cheesiness of the quinoa risotto.

James’ peach ice cream and cookie cheese tuile and Shawn’s deconstructed bobotie were also a hit.

The bottom three were Onti, Charmaine and Onezwa.

Onti was criticized for her biscuit base being raw, Charmaine’s curry dish was a disappointment, while Onezwa’s savory chantilly cream, raw puff pastry and champagne sorbet were disappointing to the judges.

Justine said the flavors were timid and bland because the star’s ingredients were overpowered by the coconut in her dish.

Despite Onezwa’s plating being applauded, she was sent home.

The 26-year-old was one of the favorites to win among the viewers and her elimination took them by surprise.

She was heartbroken by her departure, but said she is excited to see her child again.

Viewers surprised by the departure of Onezwa on MasterChef South Africa

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