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Four students arrested after bullying classmate in Limpopo

Four students in Limpopo have been reportedly arrested and charged with assault after allegedly beating a classmate at Motlalaohle Secondary School.

This was after the community demanded that justice be served.

The incident took place outside the school in Botlokwa, Limpopo, on Monday. A video of four students assaulting Moyahabo Mahomela went viral on WhatsApp and Facebook. The video shows other students cheering despite the violence inflicted on their classmate.

Photos shared on Facebook show blood pouring down Mahomela’s face after the alleged attack. Another photo shows one of the suspects kicking Mahomela.

Daniel Mokgokong, who heads the local NGO Ikageleng Development Forum, said a police officer had told him the four students had been arrested and charged with assault.

Community members reportedly demanded that the police arrest the perpetrators after failing to do so the day Mahomela opened an assault case. She sought help from Mokgokong, an NGO campaigning against bullying and collaborating with the local police.

“Since she is a minor and did not know how to move forward, she contacted me for help in following up her case,” Mokgokong said.

He said he was stunned by the incident, as they had previously visited the school for an anti-bullying campaign.

Another victim of bullying in the area, who wishes to remain anonymous, says one of the girls in the video is known for assaulting other students in the area.

Jane Letoboko, a friend of Mahomela’s, said: The The Vanir-exodus that the victim is in tremendous pain. She said that Mahomela is being treated at a local clinic and that social workers have arranged counseling for her. Mahomela is also said to have said she had considered suicide.

The students have been suspended, the school director has planned a meeting with the parents of the students tomorrow.

A station commander of Botlokwa Police Station said students have been arrested and will appear in court on Thursday. However, he declined to confirm that it was the four girls involved in the attack on Motlalaohle Secondary School.

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