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Franco Mostert supports daughter from afar when she goes to the operating room

Sick children and tonsils, unfortunately, often have the privilege of being parents.

Spring boxing lock Franco Mostert and his wife Juan-Ri experienced this firsthand last week, when their oldest was operated on to remove her tonsils and tonsils.

Franco is currently playing rugby in Japan, which made it a bit more difficult to show his support this time around.

But even though he wasn’t physically there, he sent his daughter – whom he fondly calls Tjoli – a heartwarming video to show his support and love. (Scroll through the carousel below to see his video).

“Daddy just wants to say I’m thinking of you,” he said. “I pray and believe that all will be well and that the doctor will not hurt you.”

Franco said that when she wakes up, he’s done exercising and that he’ll call her as soon as her mom tells him she’s awake.

He was honest and said it would be painful when she wakes up, but after that she will eat jelly and it’s going to be fun.

He then told her that he loves her very much, after which he also told Juan-Ri, the mother of their three children, that he loved her.

Juan-Ri braves the storm with three small children while Franco plays rugby in Japan.

She took to Instagram about Valentine’s Day and said a lot of people tell her they don’t know how to do it alone with three kids.

“I’m not alone. Not at all,” she said.

She explained how Franco recently stayed on the phone during so-called “hell hour,” talking to their screaming baby boy, Juan-Henke, until he calmed down.

“Always together, no matter how far apart,” she said.

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She also has the great support of grandmothers and friends, who say it takes a village.

“I think I thought the tonsil and adenoid surgery was worse than Joi,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“It’s been tough so far, but our strongest Joi is on the road to healing.”

She later shared another update, saying that Joi is doing well. “It hurts a little bit, but she’s so strong. You go girl!”

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