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Freedom Convoy leader arrested during anti-vax protest

One of the leaders of the trucker-led protest in Canada was arrested Thursday in Ottawa, the Freedom Convoy movement reports on its official Twitter account.

Tamara Lich, one of the organizers, did not resist when she was taken into custody. She was charged with ‘advising in the commission of obstruction’.

When Ottawa authorities initially issued the final warning for arrest, Lich said on social media that she expected to be arrested.

Watch: Freedom Convoy leader arrested

Authorities also arrested Chris Barber. According to Freedom ConvoyBarber was charged with obstruction of justice, counseling to commit obstruction, and counseling to commit mischief.

Anti-vax truckers protest

This comes after authorities took action on Thursday to end the three-week trucker-led protest that blocked the Canadian capital.

Ottawa’s interim police chief Steve Bell said at a news conference that authorities “have begun to harden the perimeter around the protests”.

This includes installing security barriers and limiting access to the downtown area occupied by protests against Covid-19 rules.

The Freedom Convoy 2022

The Freedom Convoy 2022 movement – described by organizers as a “grassroots freedom movement”, “reaffirmed its commitment to a “peaceful demonstration”.

Press contacts Dagny Pawlak and Benjamin Dichter said, “There are many different voices here in Ottawa who have gathered to demand the return of their freedoms.”

Organizers said Freedom Convoy and its members “do not support any form of hateful rhetoric, divisive comments, or calls for violence.”

Reactions from the AFP police.

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