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Gauteng records highest increase in homicides in five years

Gauteng police recorded an increase in murders between October and December last year.

“A further 243 people were killed in Gauteng during the period under review, reflecting an 18.3% increase,” he said. Gauteng Police Commissioner Elias Mawela.

It also represents the highest increase in homicides in five years.

“Gauteng is the second province with the highest number of homicides in the reporting period, mainly due to the size of its population,” Mawela emphasizes.

A total of 41 homicides over the same period involved domestic violence, with the majority of the victims being women (23).

There were three farm murders that occurred during the same period. Two of the victims were farm/small farm residents and one was a farm worker.

The increase in homicides is also due to multiple homicides in one incident.

“Gauteng had registered 18 homicides with 50 victims and that contributed to more accumulation of homicides in this quarter,” Mawela said.

Incidents of multiple murders occurred in Kagiso and Laudium in the October-December period.

In Kagiso, seven people were killed and five were injured by a group of gunmen in balaclavas.

The attack took place in a house close to a wedding venue and people who had attended the wedding were also affected.

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There is also a 7.4% decrease in sex crimes, including rape, assault and sexual contact.

“This reduction is attributed to all the measures we have taken such as; strengthening partnerships with communities and NGOs, awareness campaigns, tracing suspects coupled with good convictions by our courts,” said Mawela.

Carjacking increased by 20.4%, truck hijackings increased by 18.9% and home robberies increased by 2.6%, while cash-in-transit robberies decreased by 29%.

compiled by Narissa Subramoney

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