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Get faster data access with Microsoft’s new Graph connectors

During Microsoft Ignite, the company announced new Graph connectors for HDInsight and Azure IoT Suite that are designed to make it easier for developers to build connected devices and services. The new HDInsight connectors enable developers to access information from Microsoft HDInsight in Azure, and the IoT Suite connectors enable developers to get data from devices to the cloud, and vice versa.

The Graph has been a pretty popular SDK for most developers; it gives you access to the latest technologies and tools from Microsoft and other companies, as well as it allows you to get to the data faster than ever before. Now, the Graph for SharePoint is making it easier for developers to use the latest technologies for their applications.

Microsoft announced a bunch of new Graph connectors at Build 2017, including: Microsoft Flow, which lets you automate the export of data from your apps and services into Microsoft Graph and then use that data in your apps, Microsoft Flow gives you a great way to automate tasks and processes, Microsoft Flow also lets you get data out of your servers and into your apps.

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  • This new initiative will enable organizations to connect internal and external data sources to Microsoft 365.
  • Microsoft Graph connectors were announced at the Microsoft Build 2021 conference last month.
  • These graphical connectors provide a convenient way to combine all data and metadata from business processes.
  • A preview version for developers, which provides early access to new search and advanced eDiscovery tools, is now available.

New and improved Microsoft Graph connectors allow organizations to connect internal and external data sources to Microsoft 365, giving end users multiple ways to access data. In response to growing business demand for better access to the massive amounts of data generated by business processes, Microsoft has proposed a new way to change the game. This means that the company has been able to implement a system that captures, indexes and prepares huge amounts of data and makes it available through Microsoft 365 applications and services.

Graphic connectors provide access to key data sources

As you recall, the new Microsoft Graph connectors were announced at the Microsoft Build conference last month. Basically, Microsoft Graph Connectors will allow administrators to associate Microsoft Graph Connector properties with Microsoft 365 user cards. You’ll also be able to extend search results to mobile devices, as well as to Microsoft Teams desktop clients and the Windows search box. A very important factor is that Microsoft Graph connectors are in no way proprietary data, as they are created within the Microsoft ecosystem. Don’t forget that there is already a whole range of third-party connectors, including solutions from Go1, Adobe Sign, eCare Vault and LumApps. In addition, access to graphical connectors is important because of the new reality of hybrid work and the dynamics that team members experience when working remotely. This statement was made by Nicole Herskovitz, general manager of Microsoft Teams, who also noted that access to corporate data is critical to the success of any business. One of the most common requests we hear from our customers and partners is the ability to migrate data to Microsoft Graph for display in Microsoft 365.

What are graphic links and why are they so important?

In short, the Microsoft Connector is a proxy, or wrapper if you will, to an API that allows the underlying service to communicate with Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Power Apps and Azure Logic Apps. These graphical connectors provide a convenient way to combine all data and metadata from business processes. Once the data is available, it can be indexed and made available in Microsoft 365 products and services, such as Microsoft Search and eDiscovery. Currently, only nine Microsoft Graph connectors are available directly from Microsoft for customer use. Eight Microsoft partners currently offer the following third-party connectors:  Accenture, BA Insight, Raytion, Adobe, Box, Cognizant, Go1 and LumApps. You should know that there is a preview version for developers that provides early access to new and improved search tools and enhanced e-discovery via Microsoft Graph connectors. The company said this first revision provides access to APIs for developers to add their own app content to the discovery options in Office Hub. Another major update is also planned in the developer preview, which will enable integration with other Microsoft cloud services and third-party data sources. All this data can be shared between the different search results used by organizations in Microsoft 365. What do you think of this situation? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Not enough details. It’s hard to understand Other Contact an expert Take part in the discussionOne of the new features of Windows 10 is called “Data Caching” which allows you to stream your data from your local storage to the cloud, and then, anytime you want to access that data, you can just get it from Microsoft’s Azure blob storage service. Another new feature of Windows 10 is called “Windows Graph Connectors” that allows you to access any type of data stored in Microsoft’s Azure Blob storage from your Windows app, and also allows you to connect to any type of database type or RESTful API.. Read more about microsoft graph conditional access and let us know what you think.

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