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‘Getoud met Rugby’ couple expecting second child

KykNET‘s Married to Rugby Actors David Louw and Christel van den Bergh recently shared the big news that she is pregnant again, with fellow actors and good friends Je-ani Swiegelaar and Germandt Geldenhuys who helped them reveal the gender.

The famous couple welcomed their firstborn – a son – into the world in March last year and 11-month-old Daniel will soon have a brother richer.

Christel is already 24 weeks pregnant and told Huisgenoot that she feels “fantastic” and does not suffer from morning sickness or fatigue.

The Married to rugby The couple decided they wanted a second child shortly after Daniel was born.

They were initially told that it appears that their second child could be a girl, but it was later confirmed that Christel is expecting another boy. Christel told Huisgenoot that deep down she wished it would be a brother for Daniel, but that they were also excited about the prospect of a daughter.

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They are very excited to welcome a second son into the world and say it is wonderful and it is really just a joy and a blessing.

It looks like Christel and David are still deeply in love and even more so with their son, Daniel, who is apparently a heartthrob like his father.

David and Christel have not yet chosen a name for their second son, but since David chose Daniel’s name, it appears that Christel used their second son’s name.

In the meantime, a lot of hard work has been done on a production, Trou is not for sale, which David had written, and they only recently returned from Namibia, where they toured and performed the stage production, selling nearly 1,800 tickets.

The Trou is not for sale the production is filled with laughter and anyone who wants to get married, or not, and those who are married or even divorced will be able to relate to the couple’s stage characters, Milan and Daniel.

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