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Google relaxes vaccine rules, social distancing and mask for employees: view details

Google is easing the use of covid 19 masks, vaccines and social distancing rules for its employees. The company is preparing to return its employees to its headquarters. Therefore, the company no longer requires the wearing of masks and vaccinations before coming to the office. Also read – Google’s dark mode is finally black

According to CNBC, David Radcliffe, Google’s VP of Real Estate and Workplace Services, wrote an email to employees of the San Francisco Bay Area mentioning the relaxation of some rules regarding social distancing, vaccines and masks. Also read – How do you reset your Google, Amazon smart speaker?

In addition, the Radcliffe email also reads that the massages and access to informal spaces suspended during the pandemic will be allowed. Another Google spokesperson, Lora Lee Erickson, also told The Verge that “we do not currently impose vaccination requirements as a benefit of U.S. office workers.” Also read – How to turn your old system into a Chromebook in simple steps with the new Chrome OS Flex

She added, “We will continue to implement our vaccination policies that require COVID-19 vaccinations or approved accommodations for individuals visiting our sites as it is one of the most important ways we can protect our workforce and keep our services running.”

The move from a relaxation of vaccination status, mask and social distancing comes as the company wants more employees to be in the office. At least for a hybrid working model in the beginning.

As a reminder, Google announced in November last year that employees will lose their wages if they don’t follow vaccination rules. A memo has been circulated to indicate vaccination status before December 31, 2021.

The document further said that employees who fail to comply with the rules by Jan. 18, 2022, will be placed under “paid administrative leave” for 30 days. After the specified deadline, the employees will be put on “unpaid personal leave” for 6 months, followed by termination.

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