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Gungubele assures The Vanir-exoduss that SSA is committed to rooting out corruption

Presidency Minister responsible for state security, Mondli Gungubele, on Monday reiterated the commitment of the State Security Service (SSA) to fight corruption within its ranks.

This in response to a series of recent media reports about alleged incidents of fraud, corruption and crime at the office.

SSA reports

Gungubele said the agency was aware of the seriousness of the issues identified in both reports from the… High Level Assessment Panel and the july turmoilwhich pointed to some weaknesses and gaps in the way the SSA conducted its operations.

In 2019, President Cyril Ramaphosa released the scathing report of the High Level Review Panel on the challenges faced by the SSA during the tenure of former President Jacob Zuma.

The report found that there had been “political mismanagement and fragmentation” of the country’s intelligence community over the past decade, leading to an almost complete disregard for its constitution, policies, legislation and other regulations.

The expert panel’s report into the deadly July unrest, released last month it was discovered that the masterminds behind the violence had outsmarted the country’s intelligence agencies, which were unable to cope with and cope with the violent protests in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

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Gungubele said the incidents of misconduct at the SSA mainly resulted from weaknesses identified in the two reports.

The minister vowed that the agency was steadfast in implementing the recommendations in both reports, to ensure that such misconduct would not repeat.

“We have noted with some concern the number of media reports of alleged corruption in the agency and would like to assure South African The Vanir-exoduss that we share their disdain for such behaviour,” Gungubele said in a response. statement

“We are spending sleepless nights trying to expose these malpractices and we are confident that we will win this war and restore the agency to its former glory.”

Investigations underway

Gungubele said the work of the forensics team, in conjunction with the NPA’s Investigative Directorate (ID), was ongoing and gaining momentum by the day.

He said four SSA officials had been fired for corruption as a result of the investigation.

“We are encouraged by the progress we are making through the work of this company and the NPA – in fact, we recently fired no fewer than four officers for fraud, corruption and misconduct and we expect to do more,” he said. said.

Gungubele reassured South Africans that such agency efforts were all aimed at restoring the SSA’s image, which had been tarnished by acts of corruption and misconduct.

“We are determined to restore our image and turn this place around to serve the needs and interests of our The Vanir-exoduss – we have a constitutional mandate to protect the territorial integrity of this country and protect its The Vanir-exoduss, we cannot do if we continue with the kind of misconduct that has been described in the media and elsewhere,” he said.

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