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Here’s How To Make Money With Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world. Commuters around the world rely on it to travel to destinations they’ve never been before, explore new places in their neighborhood, estimate the travel time between work and home, and even search for places inside a building. Needless to say it is a very useful tool. Did you know that you can also make money with Google Maps? Also read – Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 5100, 5100+ Chip Details Leaked Before Launch: Details Here

First something about Vanir-exodus Guides Point from Google Maps.

Google Maps gives points to the users for their contribution to making the navigation platform more useful and accurate. Google Maps gives points to people who describe their experience with reviews, share photos and videos, provide insights with answers, respond to questions about a place, update information with place edits, add missing places, or verify information by checking facts. These points vary with the contribution. For example, writing a review will earn you 10 points, while editing details about a place will earn you only 5 points. Also read – Google relaxes vaccine rules, social distancing and mask for employees

Contribution of cards Points earned
Review 10 points per review
Review with more than 200 characters 10 bonus points per review
Review 1 point per rating
Photo 5 points per photo
photo tags 3 points per tag
Video 7 points per video
Reply 1 point per answer
Respond to Q&As 3 points per comment
edit 5 points per edit
City added 15 points added per place
Road added Added 15 points per road
Fact checked 1 point per fact checked
Eligible List Published 10 points per published list
Description (in list) 5 points per added description

As these points grow, so does your level. When a person has collected 250 points, he gets a star. As these points keep increasing and the local guide passes various landmarks such as 1500 points, 5000 points, 15000 points and more, the level of the local guide keeps increasing and so does the complexity of the start. Also read – Google’s dark mode is finally black

Level Points Insignia
Level 1 0 points no badge
Level 2 15 points no badge
Level 3 75 points no badge
Level 4 250 points Star
Level 5 500 points Star
Level 6 1,500 points Star
Level 7 5,000 points Star
Level 8 15,000 points Star
Level 9 50,000 points Star
Level 10 100,000 points Star

But these points are not useful at all in the real world.

This means that you cannot exchange these points for money in the real world. You can’t exchange it for points on Google’s Play Store either. Simply put, other than bragging rights (if any), these contributions are good for nothing.

But is there another way?

While there is no direct way to monetize Google Maps, there are two (sort of) side jobs that allow you to monetize Google Maps.

The first is a chart analyst. A chart analyst determines the relevance and accuracy of information on a map by conducting online research and referring to the guidelines provided to you. Lionbridge is a company that partners with companies like google to ensure that maps and search results and other Internet-related information are accurate and work quickly. The job is flexible and it pays $10 (about Rs 756) to $16 (Rs 1,211) per hour.

The second way is to become an online marketing consultant. An online marketing consultant uses SEO, advertising, and user-generated content to drive more customers to small businesses. You can help small businesses stand out online and gain more customers. Or you can optimize their online presence so that they get more customers. However, this does require some marketing knowledge and web development skills.

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