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Here’s What Happened On Last Week’s Dates

For a farmer, it is of the utmost importance that the woman he chooses can adapt to the farm and farm life.

Therefore, kykNETis popular Farmer Souk ‘n WomanThe top five farmers were all given a day to explore the areas around their various farms with their chosen trios to see how the women they’ve chosen so far react.

Some took the girls on quiet outings, while others chose to spice things up a bit, in the form of pizza-baking competitions and tubing on the River Vaal.

Johan was the first to take his three farm visitors to see the cattle, which made them all fall in love with a crèche with calves.

He then took them to a restaurant in Marquard where they had to build their own pizzas (and pick a winner) and then they treated themselves to a Marquard deli – porridge and shrimp – which turned out to be tasty, but messy.

Johan’s choice is difficult as he tries to figure out the very different personalities of the three women, but he says it was a good day to get to know each other better.

He even took them dancing, which baffled them because they said that a Freestate ‘sockkie’ is different from a ‘sockkie’ in the Cape or Potchefstroom.

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Johan and his trio of girls look at his cattle
Johan and his trio of girls watch his cattle. Image: Included

Petré had his chosen trio of girls nervous from the start, as they headed to the River Vaal for some water sports when the weather wasn’t so inviting.

They kicked off with coffee and rusks on the banks of the River Vaal, after which he persuaded them to go up the river with pipes.

What they had hoped would be a quiet cruise on the river turned out to be a much more exciting adventure, with Petré tipping the tubes.

In the end, they all took a dip in the river and laughed about it—an experience none of them would ever forget. Of course Petré enjoyed it the most, and he had a long laugh at the different reactions of the women afterwards.

Petre and Bu-Anda
Petre and Bu Anda. Image: Included

Willem took his three farm visitors to Tiger Canyon just outside of Philippolis, after drinking coffee at a nice coffee shop in town.

He seemed a little nervous at first, but after they had a good laugh at his and the girls’ nicknames—some of them sticking around longer than others—it got a little warmer.

They had a lot of fun watching tigers in the wild, with Willem also starting to notice how some females took the lead in their group, while others were a bit calmer.

He said he struggled to see which of the girls would really adapt to farm life, as none of them came from farms.

Willem and his Boer Soek 'n Vrou trio girls
Willem and his three ‘Boer Soek ‘n Vrou’ girls are having a picnic. Image: Included

Tyson treated his three ladies to a leisurely breakfast at a beautiful lodge restaurant, and then they went on a game drive, which they all seemed to enjoy immensely.

The three girls he picked to get to know better also seemed to have gotten to know each other really well and somehow formed a friendship, which might make his decisions for the elimination process a little more difficult than expected.

When it comes to the five peasants and their lovely ladies, Tyson’s three picks are probably the ones that make it hardest to know what they’re thinking. They are closed books, just like him.

Tyson chose a romantic setting for a Farmer Soek 'n Vrou breakfast
Tyson chose a romantic setting for a ‘Boer Soek ‘n Vrou’ breakfast. Image: Included

Nelis took his three visitors on a cruise on the River Vaal after a delicious breakfast on the terrace on the Riviera on the Vaal.

They played games on the boat as they floated past the country club, and while the conversations were light, it seemed like he and one or two of the women he’d picked had already made some decisions when it came to love.

Nelis and his Boer Soek a woman trio
Nelis and his trio ‘Boer Soek ‘n Vrou’ on the Riviera aan Vaal. Image: Delivered

All in all, the farmers and their female visitors all seem to have had a good time getting to know each other, and while things have been kept casual and lighthearted, the competition and tension is definitely starting to increase.

The women look for signs of affection and the farmers wonder what that look meant, if it meant anything.

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