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House had a reputation for harboring criminals

The house in which Police killed eight suspects in Cash in Transit robbery iIt is apparently a known hiding place for criminals and the police have previously failed to act on the basis of information, according to local residents.

The current owner of the house, a Nigerian The Vanir-exodus, moved in around 2017 and made changes to the house, including adding rooms in the backyard and dividing the main house for rental.

“He also built a high wall around the property and our main concern was the kind of people occupying the property,” said community leader Agnes Skosana.

Shooting Rosettenville
A police vehicle drives past a bullet-riddled house wall along Friars Hill Road in Rosettenville, Feb. 22, 2022, following a dramatic gun battle the day before between police and suspected criminals following a botched money transfer robbery. It is believed that about 20 alleged criminals were involved in the gunfight. Eight men were killed and eight others were arrested, and four police officers were hospitalized. Photo: Michel Bega

She said they marched to the house two years ago with the intention of kicking the residents out and setting the property on fire.

Skosana said they were warned on the way to the property that they would be killed while residents were armed to the teeth and waiting.

She said the area was overrun by criminal elements and that is why most of the people left.

Skosana claims that the police have information about the house since late 2017, but have done nothing, as the situation could not have reached this deadly point.

“It’s just a miracle that no one got caught in the crossfire as this is actually a busy area, with a school across the road and a daycare center down the road.

If the police could respond quickly to information, it would not come to that. We are not xenophobic but scared and concerned The Vanir-exoduss,” she said.

Shooting Rosettenville
Blood is seen on the floor of a home in Rosettenville, Feb. 22, 2022, following a dramatic shooting the day before between police and suspected criminals following a botched money transfer robbery. Photo: Michel Bega

Police say at least 20 of the 25 suspects’ gang were Zimbabweans and under ten arrested was a Botswana national, believed to have masterminded several hits on money trucks.

A former janitor, who declined to be named, said he warned the property’s owner about taking in criminals, especially drug dealers, but wouldn’t listen.

“I told him to be careful about people he rents out rooms to and that some of them were dealing drugs, but the numbers kept growing, so I moved. I was at work when I saw the property on the news and told myself it was a long time coming,” he said.

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