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How Agrizzi’s ‘Little Black Book’ Helped Detect Bosasa Corruption

Without the ‘little black book’ of former Bosasa boss Angelo Agrizzi, many more people would have escaped the reach of the Zondo Commission.

According to Agrizzi, when he was in charge of managing and filing the money that went in and out of vaults for “bribes and gratitude,” he would provide a code for payments and keep it in his book.

At first glance, it looks like it’s laundering money on a massive scale, with the cost of the bribes factored into the contracts — all paid for by taxpayers.

Agrizzi said he would initially use scraps of paper and write down the amounts using the codes he referred to, but when he started losing those papers, he resorted to A6 books.

Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has said he was referred to a small black book and confirmed that it reflected Agrizzi’s handwriting.

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“A page showing receipts of R3.2 million on February 18, 2016, R2.8 million on February 25, totaling R6 million in the vault(s) at the time. On the right side was a list of individuals to whom payments have been made,” Zondo said.

Agrizzi noted that in his earlier black books he would write down the names of the recipients, but was later told to use codes. He said he would use shorthand to write down the names and indicate the numbers in the middle on the codes of each entry showing the amounts paid.

He also explained that no principle was followed in those codes. Zondo said the codes assigned to a payment would be written on the security bag. Agrizzi provided the codes and the bags would then be returned to him with the exact codes on the bags.

The report said that when Agrizzi was asked about the amounts involved, Agrizzi claimed that it was being paid between R4 million and R6 million per month.

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“The criterion was that the person supported Bosasa and ensured that a tender would be awarded to Bosasa,” he said.

Agrizzi also recalled a count of 38 government employees and officials who regularly received bribes.

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