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How Thunderbird’s remote healing works in Rainbow Six Siege

One of the most iconic weapons in the Rainbow Six Siege community is the Thunderbird, a device that isn’t just a healing gadget, but a tool for taking down enemies. Originally introduced in the game’s beta, the Thunderbird is a gun that fires a powerful wave of energy that heals allies within a small radius.

Rainbow Six Siege is a popular online multiplayer shooter that has gained a lot of momentum in the last few years. Team Rainbow Six Siege recently released a new update called Operation Blood Orchid, which introduced a new mode called Raid and a new gadget called the Thunderbird.

When developing the Remote Healing feature for Rainbow Six Siege, we wanted to create a feature that would make a huge difference to the game’s competitive players. When you’re competing, you spend a lot of time in the lobby, trying to figure out how to adapt your loadouts and change up your tactics for each match. This is quite a stressful time, and it can be a hassle for players to be left waiting while we update their game. Remote healing was developed to solve that problem, allowing you to heal your teammates without having to wait for an operator to come down from the loadout menu. You can now simply press “B” to activate the feature, and it can be used anywhere on the map.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star adds a new Thunderbird operator to the list of defenders as whom you can play. It will be available with the Y6S2 Combat Pass or separately, as always. Unlike some operators, Thunderbird seems to shake up the core mechanics of every matchup in the game. In this article, we’ll tell you what to expect when Thunderbird finally arrives.

Basic statistics and taxation

image via Ubisoft word-image-8849 The Thunderbird is a three-stage, one-armed defender that can be equipped with a concussion grenade or a nitro element. Key features include the Spear.308, a rapid-fire rifle that lets you quickly take out any enemy, or the SPAS-15 semi-automatic shotgun, everyone’s worst nightmare when you’re in the crosshairs. Their secondary capabilities include the Bearing 9 submachine gun, which has improved sights this season, or the Q-929 handgun. This outfit is nothing special, but it shows the type of defender you will play. Each of Thunderbird’s primary weapons are best used in short to medium range combat, and their secondary weapons are a last resort if you run out of ammo and the enemy is still in sight. You won’t be able to kill from a distance with her, but that’s okay because she’s more useful alongside her teammates.

Healing on demand

Image via Ubisoft word-image-8850 The most amazing gadget is the Kona station. This automated, remote-controlled healing station fires a healing charge at any player within range. This also applies to offensive linemen, although the priority is always the linebackers, and even then he will deal with the linebacker with the least health first. After the shot, there is a cool down timer that is visible to both teams. This gives defenders an idea when they can make their next move to heal, and lets attackers see when defenders can make a move to heal. This is a balanced system designed to force players to hide their Kona stations in the hard-to-see parts of the rooms. Of course, there’s nothing to stop attackers from crowding out the defenders and taking control of the Kona stations they find. The real advantage of the Cona Station is that you can place multiple pieces in the space you want to protect. This way you can create defensive positions that give you a boost in health when you take damage. If you’re injured, you can even perform CPR if you’re within range of one of these gadgets, making it especially important to place them in key locations for combat and protection. However, the location of Cona’s main stations may also play a role in what makes Thunderbird an underdog, an operator best suited to roam the map in search of enemies to kill. She could put Kona’s post downstairs in a quiet place, perhaps at the foot of the stairs, and go upstairs to deal with the attackers on the next floor. If the situation worsens, she can run back up the stairs, take a treatment shot and take up a defensive position near a device that will help her if the attackers follow her. In a way, it’s strange to have a trick that allows the defender to beat the attackers at their own game. Although the caveat that a Kona station can be used against defenders if captured makes up for this change in any matchup where a Thunderbird is present.

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