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How to disable Meet Now in Windows 10 [Definitive Guide]

How to disable Meet Now in Windows 10 [Definitive Guide]

The new “Meet Now” feature enables people to have a virtual meeting with their contacts on your PC. It is meant to be a cool way to talk to people, but it is also a very invasive one. People can now send you private messages, and you must accept them to talk to them. You cannot change the settings to make sure it does not work on certain people, and you cannot disable the feature altogether.

Meet now is one of the most useful and powerful features added to Windows 10 with the Creators Update. It enables you to group together contacts that you and your friends and family use and makes it easy to communicate with them on your PC or phone. This is a great tool to use for business purposes, such as teleconferencing, or for sharing contacts with elderly parents and grandparents. But there are many ways to use this feature, it is not enabled by default, and thus there are many ways to make it not work for you.

Microsoft is known for adding features to the updates of its Windows 10 operating system. But sometimes updates bring bugs and other things that make the user wonder why they need the product and why it exists in the first place. The October update to Windows 10, with its strange icon added to the taskbar, has caused the same reaction. The symbol was nothing more than a Meet Now legend. So, if you want to remove or disable Meet know from your PC, you are at the right place. Here’s how to turn off the Discover Now feature in Windows 10. What is Meet Now? Meet Now is nothing more than an acronym for Microsoft’s Skype video calling. Meet Now allows you to join and set up video conferences with just a few clicks. With the pandemic forcing everyone to work from home and Zoom being the video conferencing software of choice, Microsoft has decided to add a small shortcut to the taskbar to make it easier for users to use Skype instead of Zoom for video calls. However, some people who have suddenly noticed the new icon in the taskbar are a little concerned. People asked what the symbol was and why it was there. How is this automatically installed on my system? Is it a virus infecting me and trying to spy on me? Of course, this reaction wouldn’t have happened if Microsoft had decided to let people know that this was a new feature added to the new update. With the update still being rolled out to systems that haven’t received it yet, people are still worried and want to know how to get rid of it. So here is a guide to help you remove the taskbar icon and even get rid of it permanently. Read on and find out how

To hide the Meet Now icon on the taskbar

It is very easy to hide the taskbar icon by simply right clicking on the icon and selecting Hide. That’s all you have to do. Or you can always right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar Options. Scroll down until you see the option to enable or disable system icons. Select it, scroll down until you find Meet Now, and set the switch to Off.

To remove Meet Now via Group Policy

This method only works with the professional editions of Windows 10. Home editions of Windows 10 cannot use this method. If you have the professional version of Windows 10, follow the steps below to remove Meet You via Group Policy.

  • Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously
  • Type gpedit in the search bar and press Enter.
  • Go to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Start Menu and Taskbar.
  • Now double click on the Meet Now icon.
  • Set to On to hide the icon itself.
  • You will be prompted to restart the computer. Restart it and you won’t find the Meet Now icon.

To remove Meet Now using the registry editor

The Windows 10 registry editor is a great tool, but only if you know what you’re doing. If it falls into the wrong hands, it can cause unwanted problems in the system. You can use this method to remove the Meetup option from a computer used by only one person or shared by multiple accounts. For individual users

  • Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously
  • Type regedit in the search box and press Enter.
  • Follow the path below.


  • Select the explorer and right-click on it.
  • Choose New and then the value D-word (32 bits).
  • Name the new value as SCAMeetNow hide
  • Finally, set its value to 1.

For all users

  • Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously
  • Type regedit in the search bar and press Enter.
  • Follow the path below.


  • Select the explorer and right-click on it.
  • Choose New and then the value D-word (32 bits).
  • Name the new value Hide SCAMeetNow.
  • Finally, set its value to 1.

Finally, restart your computer. You have now disabled and hidden Meet Now.

Uninstalling Skype

If you are not interested in Meet Now and don’t want to use the Skype application on your system, you can just uninstall it.

  • Open the Settings application
  • Select App on the home screen
  • Select Apps and Features and scroll down the list until you find the Skype application.
  • Select the Skype application and click Uninstall.
  • That’s it. This will completely remove the Meet Now and Skype icon.


We hope this guide has helped you understand what Meet Now is, how it got into your system, and some simple ways to get rid of it completely. If you are a regular Skype user, Meet Now is a great option! It is very practical to quickly set up video conferences. You might also like this – The best games for Windows 10 in 2021 If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the comments section. Share this article with your friends too. Other similar articles:Meet now is a feature that is part of Windows 10 and is used to set up meetings with other people in the same location. As a way to make this feature more friendly, Microsoft added the ability to change the location to be either public or private. This also works with Cortana and people using Cortana in private mode can change the location too, so this feature works for everyone.. Read more about disable meet now startup windows 10 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off meet now on Windows 10?

“Meet now” is a Windows 10 application that lets you organize quick meetings with people. When you get into a meeting with someone, it will bring up a notification with the person’s picture, so you know who is coming in.  The problem with “Meet now” is that in some cases, after you’ve met with someone once, the app will still show you a notification for the same person whenever you get a notification, even if you’ve already met with them.  This can be really annoying, and it will often keep you from using the app completely. Meet now is one of the lesser-used features of Windows 10. It lets you do a simple chat, video, or voice call with other people on the same app, but this time using Skype. The problem is that meeting up happens on a single device, and that device has to be online and connected to the internet.

How do I turn off meet now?

Over the years, we’ve seen various versions of Microsoft’s official Meet Now app. The current version is called “Meet now” and it was designed to send invitations to users on Microsoft’s platforms. It came with certain limitations, like not being able to send invites to anyone outside of Microsoft’s ecosystem. The Meet Now feature, a new feature in Windows 10, has been making a lot of users very frustrated. The purpose of Meet Now is to allow users to request a meeting with other people in the same area. But this feature is not only dangerous, it’s also very annoying, so we need to disable it.

How do I remove meet now from my computer?

The feature Meet Now was originally introduced in Windows 8, and has been part of the MS-Windows operating system ever since. There are those who use it, and those who don’t. For those who are not aware of the feature, it’s basically a feature that allows you to use your mobile device to keep you updated on emails, phone calls and other notifications. But Meet Now also has another side to it, which is that it allows you to share your screen with your friends or colleagues. This is where the problem arises, as there is always the possibility that your friend or colleague may have access to your screen, even when you are not using the feature. Meet now is a feature of Windows 10 to automatically download and install software to your computer when you’re out of the office. It’s a useful feature for keeping computer use productive, but it can also be invasive and harmful if you want to try and keep your computer completely free of software. For example, Microsoft’s Hello program is a potentially unwanted program that’s part of Meet now, and it’s a legitimate app that you can download and install if you want. But if you want to make sure you’ve got Microsoft’s Hello software deleted from your computer, the process is relatively straightforward.

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