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How to find and defeat The Cursed in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The Cursed are a mysterious group of pirates that appear in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. They are a strange viking-themed cult that look to be wielding some sort of strange energy. This guide will show you how to find the Cursed, and defeat them on the quest The Cursed in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

The Viking village of Valhalla, located in the far north of the map, is one of the most elusive locations in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. It’s also one of the most rewarding, as it contains a unique enemy type that will drop the game’s most powerful weapons, the Bonebreaker Longsword and the Bonebreaker Spear.

After you defeat Wren in the Blood Potion quest, get the note you found near Wren’s corpse that you gave to Deirdre, the Irish druid who helps Avor and Ciara. The note spoke of the cursed one, the chief druid of the children of Danu. The first note was the first clue, but now there’s another set of three locations you must visit and investigate to discover the identity of the Damned and make them responsible for poisoning Flann’s army.

How to find the damned

First index

The first clue is the one you shared with Deirdre at the beginning of the In the Mist quest. Deirdre tells you that the damned have a cabin in Tuam that you should explore. It is a small town in southwest Connacht. There is a fast travel spot in South Connacht, but you have to unlock it to use it.


When you arrive in the village, there are several aggressive enemies patrolling the streets and it is a hostile area. You can destroy them all or try to avoid them and sneak into the village. The choice is yours. Your main task is to find the hut of the cursed man. It will be the central building of the village, right next to the closed well. Sorry, it’s closed.


The key to the cabin is closer to the southwest side of town. You can find it at the guard gate, in the village, on the windowsill. You should be able to take it without having to steal it from the characters. Once you have it, go back to the hut where you will find out that there is an underground entrance that you need to find.


The underground entrance would be located southwest of the village, a short distance away. You can use your raven to find the entrance, which should be a large opening that Avor can jump through, and land in the water.


Follow the path through the cave and there is a big bear waiting for you. Take better care of the bear now so you can continue to make progress. A door will eventually appear and block your way, but to its left is a small hole in the roof that you can crawl through to enter. On the other hand, there are enemy druids. You must destroy them and then free the prisoner.


The prisoner explains that the damned have kidnapped her for their rituals. The victim is about to be sacrificed during the ritual. There are two clues in this room, one on the table closer to the door you entered and one on the floor below. After you have found all the clues, you must return to Ciara, which is located southeast of Tuam. It will be next to the tree.


Second edition

When you get to Ciara, she will tell you where the next ritual will take place. The search marker is located south of Tuam, in an area called Carnagan. You can walk down the street to find them.


When you get there, you need to explore the area to find a creature with long claws. It won’t be far from where you were sent. Soon after, you’ll see a creature defending the damned, and you’ll have to hunt it down. You have to follow the path, but the quest marker will lead you to the same place.

Once there, you must face off against Pooka, a creature that resembles a werewolf, but is capable of metamorphosis. Once he reaches half his health, he runs away and you must chase him to discover the location of the ritual. You can find Pook’s prints with Odin’s vision. They should pick you up northeast of your position.


Follow the roads to Lakanskaul. There will be a dozen druids here, including Pook and the Damned. Since there are a lot of enemies everywhere, we recommend you stay stealthy as long as possible, take out the druids and go deeper into the circle until only the damned and the pooka are left. These are the hardest enemies, but without the help of smaller or ranged fighters, they aren’t too difficult. If you defeat these two and clear the area, you will enter the story stage and rid yourself of the curse on the Children of Danu tree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you lift the curse in Valhalla?

If you’re part of the mobile gaming community, you’ve probably heard of the game Valhalla. A Facebook game released in June 2014, it has over 5 million players and a very active community.  As you advance through the game, you journey through a Viking village, battle monsters and defeat bosses. There’s also a Norse Mythology theme to the game. There are even rumors that the game will have an update that will add some of the real Norse Mythology characters. The first thing you should know about ac valhalla is that it’s not based on the mythological Valhalla of the Norse gods. It’s actually based on the “Vanaheim”, the Norse’s “heavenly home of the gods”.

How do you beat Walloper in Valhalla?

The Viking gods, led by Odin, were cast into the underworld by the Aesir, their own brother tribe, in a battle that nearly destroyed the nine worlds. In order to escape the underworld, they had to brave a dangerous labyrinth of traps and monsters to reach the exit, one of which was Walloper, a huge brute armed with an equally huge hammer. He can be difficult to defeat, since the narrow passages he guards are perfect for avoiding the swings of his mighty hammer. However, after a month of playing the hit mobile game Valhalla, I’ve managed to develop a simple strategy that always lets me walk away from a showdown with Walloper. The world of valhalla is a harsh and unrelenting place. You’re either a warrior, or you’re dead. There are no exceptions to this rule. You must fight to survive, and to thrive. And in this brutal place, there is only one way to achieve that: you must be a better player than your opponent.

How do I get into the cursed house in Valhalla?

In the legendary online game, Ragnarok, players could take on bigger challenges for better rewards. One of the biggest and most dangerous challenges was the Valhalla dungeon. This dungeon was a maze of ever-changing rooms and held a powerful boss at the end of each room. The boss at the end of the final room was the “cursed house boss,” who could curse any player who defeated it by taking away all of the player’s hard-earned loot and experience. These curses were often strange, often involved the player being trapped in a room and forced to fight in arena combat in order to escape. In Valhala: Heroes of Might and Magic, you come across a very unique house in the center of the map: the Cursed House of Valhalla. This house is, essentially, a box. The only entrance is a small hole in the bottom left corner, and the only way out is a small hole in the top right corner. However, the house is home to three powerful creatures: a Cyclops, a Gorgon, and a Griffin. They also give out a ton of experience points, and are the closest thing to a “boss fight” you’ll see in the game.

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