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How will this affect you?

Windows 11 has been out for almost six months now and has not required an active internet connection to operate the Pro Edition since launch. The operating system did require an internet connection for the Home edition. This is now changing as the company now states that Windows 11 Pro users will also need an internet connection to set up the device. Also read – Bethesda Shuts Down Its PC Launcher: All Games, Items & More Move To Steam

According to the latest version of Windows 11 Preview, Microsoft claims that the Pro version of the operating system now also requires an active internet connection when setting up a device. The company also claims that you can expect a Microsoft account to be required in the future as well. Also read – Microsoft’s Bill Gates believes the world will soon experience another pandemic

Please note, internet connection is only required for installation, after which users can continue to use the device as they see fit. Also read – Best Laptops Under Rs 35,000 in India (February 2022): Check the List Here

The company has not disclosed when this update will be delivered to the actual live version of Windows 11† However, it is likely to be rolled out in H1 2022.

Although this decision will help Microsoft to reduce piracy and security flaws, it is also expected to negatively impact users in parts of the world without reliable internet, and IT professionals who like to have full control over the devices they deploy to their user base. Windows 11 Home already requires an internet connection to set up which is a big problem for users in any of the above mentioned situations. And now that the limitation has been implemented for the Pro version as well, the appeal of the operating system is diminishing.

Aside from curbing piracy, this move also gives Microsoft access to more data. However, this comes at the cost of convenience for the users as they have to go through a tedious login process every time to configure their machine.

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