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‘I’m having trouble with Bentley,’ says Zola 7 as MaMkhize ‘kidnaps’ him for a day

South African businesswoman and socialite Shauwn Mkhize recently had the opportunity to spend some time with musician and television personality Bonginkosi ‘Zola 7’ Dlamini.

On social media, MaMkhize shared some photos and a video of herself, her son Andile Mpisane and Zola 7 spending some time at her home to get to know each other better, and give the musician a chance to drive around in her Bentley.

In one of the videos, Bonginkosi joked that he was being held captive in her house by MaMkhize, but MaMkhize assured him that he had definitely not been kidnapped, and that he had been invited to spend the day with her so she could show him some love.

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MaMkhize used the caption from one of her posts and urged people not to turn a blind eye to Zola’s situation and come together to help him wherever they can.

“Spending some much needed time with my brother @jamazola7† Guys, I want to encourage all of us to do the right thing, especially when it comes to one of our own.

Zola is an unsung hero who has been a catalyst for change in our society for years. Let’s not close our eyes,” MaMkhize said.

In the caption of another post, Shauwn thanked all the people in Kwazulu-Natal for their contributions to helping Dlamini.

She went on to say that she hopes everyone will be blessed for their generosity, and that she also believes that much more can be done to help Zola.

“Thank you to those in KZN for raising your hands and helping out our beloved Zola 7. I pray that God bless your generous hearts and that it doesn’t just end here.

“More can be done if we come together because izandla ziyagezana,” MaMkhize said in the caption of her post.

The musician recently admitted to sharing his banking information with the public after many of his fans and followers urged him to provide them with the details so they could send him some money to help him out.

In a recent social media post, Bonginkosi said that in the past he was too proud to get a helping hand from others, but he realized it was right and respectful not to turn down the helping hand of others.

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