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King Monada’s house warming party for 2 women, 3,000 guests

For the past two years, musician King Monada has struggled to complete the mansion he built for his two wives, due to financial constraints due to the Covid pandemic.

Through hard work, dedication and the unconditional love and support of his family, the music icon – born Khutso Steven Kgatla, the fourth child of Thandi Matlala and Elvis Kgatla – managed to build the six-bedroom, two-storey house in the dusty village of Mokgoloboto, a stone’s throw from the tropical paradise of Tzaneen, Limpopo.

Monada – meaning ‘chicken feet’ loosely, in khelobedu language – was the happiest man in Limpopo on Saturday.

Smartly dressed in a black suit, paired with white sneakers and a silver necklace, King Monada told his family, friends, neighbors and fans that he was overjoyed.

He said that a house was an investment for life and that he was happy to be the proud owner of not only a house, but also a mansion.

“I’ve driven all kinds of elegant cars in my life. I’ve traveled the world and visited everything [the] nice places in this country and beyond the borders. But what I didn’t have was a house that my wives and I could call home,” he said.

“This isn’t just any house, it’s a place where dreams are made. A place of love, laughter and happiness. Even if I die today, I will sleep in peace knowing that my family has a permanent roof over their heads,” he added, smiling from ear to ear.

King Monada thanked God, his mother, siblings, fans and his manager Makwela Makwela of Monada Music Production – for the love and support that have allowed him to get to where he is today.

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His friends, Cornet Mamabolo and Clement Maosa from the hit SABC1 drama series Skeem Saam, were among the 3,000 guests who showed up for the housewarming party.

“When you grow up, you want to drive nice cars and live in a beautiful mansion. You dream of traveling the world and becoming a role model for some,” says Maosa.

“That was the case with the king and everyone else. But the king did not know that the dream would one day come true. Today my boyfriend lives in a big mansion that was only a dream when he was growing up.

“Congratulations my friend. May this mansion bring you and your family eternal happiness and tranquility.”

Mamabolo said that building a house as large and elegant as the king’s was not child’s play.

“It takes tolerance, hard work and patience to have perseverance to become the mother of success. But I’m sure you all know that the king cannot build this house alone. Thanks to the support of his family, parents, siblings and husbands, he managed to build it,” says Mamabolo.

The mansion was built opposite his parents’ house.

On the top floor, the mansion offers spectacular views of the tropical plantations of Nkowankowa and Maake citrus groves and the breathtaking view of the Lenyenye and the leafy suburbs of Tzaneen and Tarantaalrand.

The mansion has six bedrooms, a panoramic living room, an open kitchen, a cinema, a garage for four cars and several patios.

“I am proud to have a son like him. Children are the pride of their parents,” says his mother.

‘If you have a son, as well-mannered as the king, who is always on the side of the law, who thinks not only for himself but for the whole family, you will surely be happy. I never thought that one day we would own a two-story house in this family…”

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