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Labor Court Orders Denel To Pay Solidarity Members 90 Million Royalty Free

The Johannesburg Labor Court on Wednesday ordered Denel to pay R90 million to members of the Solidarity union within 10 days.

The court order against the poor state arms manufacturer comes after Solidarity filed a lawsuit against Denel over unpaid salaries and other payments to its members.

This case also followed an earlier court victory last year when Solidarity received a warrant to seize Denel’s property worth R12 million after the company breached several contractual and legal obligations to its employees.

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Solidarity director Dirk Hermann said Wednesday’s court order was a huge victory for union members, some of whom have not received their full wages since May 2020.

“We are incredibly grateful for the relief this order brings to our members. Our members have had to work almost continuously without full payment amid the great uncertainty and challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic,” Hermann said in a statement. statement

“While we are of course very happy with the result, it is still a shame that we have to constantly approach the courts to force government agencies to fulfill their duties to employees.”

Court order

According to Solidarity, if Denel does not make the required payments within 10 days, Denel will order the sheriff to seize the assets of the parastatal.

“We cannot allow the workers’ money to be used to fund mismanagement and looting,” Hermann said.

He said Solidarity will continue to fight to ensure those responsible for Denel’s mismanagement are arrested.

“We cannot allow our members and ordinary taxpayers to carry the can for the mismanagement of the state anymore while the looters can just continue looting with impunity. We need to take things further.

“We will now proceed to litigate and bring criminal charges to ensure that those who caused this mess are held accountable.”

compiled by Thapelo Lekabe

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