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Make your pet’s tail wag with these seven treats for cats and dogs

People with pets are often looking for clever ways to spoil their furry friends. If you are looking for creative ideas to spoil your pets, here are some ideas to consider.

bot appétit

If you’re a dog lover, you’d be happy to know that your dog’s mealtime has just become a much more stylish affair.

Le Creuset launches a brand new enamel-on-steel pet collection that will allow you to wish your furry friend bone appétit. From treat jars to pet food bowls in two different sizes, you can choose a color to match your Le Creuset cookware and crockery.

The collection is available this month in Le Creuset boutiques and online.

Book a pet-inspired photoshoot

Consider doing a photo shoot with your furry friend.

Aside from the fact that it might turn out to be one of your best days out, it can also make for great photos for your home. Capture special moments with your dog by booking a shoot with a talented photographer like dog meets girlwho understands the secrets of photographing pets and their owners.

Put the right food on your pet’s plate

A pet’s meal is always a treat, especially if you choose the right food.

Hill’s pet food is scientifically formulated to address the health issues of pets, as well as keep them healthy and improve their quality of life.

quality time

Just like with children, quality time with your pets can never be overstated.

Snuggle up on the couch and watch an animal-themed movie like Marley and meA dog for life on Netflix, A dog’s goal or The Secret Life of Pets

There’s nothing like the great outdoors

Speaking of quality time, a walk in the park is another great way to spend time with your furry friends.

Playing and exercising with your dog is also a wonderful way to get out and spend some time in the sun. Go for regular walks or play catch.

Even cats love to play games, so treat them to feather toys, scratching posts or catnip – anything that brings out the little kitten in them.

Get social

“Petfluencers” have become very popular on social media. Join us and share some posts about you and your pets – you would be amazed at the huge response from other animal lovers.

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Beds for pets

Treat your fur ball to a new locally made bed from Petsville SA.

They’ve never slept so well as in one of these impressive cribs and of course there’s nothing like some retail therapy with a purpose for the owner.

If you don’t want to spend too much, opt for a new leash or collar, a trendy bandana, a shiny new ball or a toy mouse.

Woolworths also has some lovely pet beds available, which can be zipped up and put in the wash with ease and no fuss.

Whether it’s a special toy or a brand new bed, your animal friends are sure to love you for making them feel special and loved.

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