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Malema called a hypocrite after Motsepe’s EFF R2.1m donation. got

Social media netizens were quick to bring the Economic Freedom Fighters (EF) leader Julius Malema of his recent comments on the Confederation of African Football (CAF) chairman Patrice Motsepe.

This comes after it was announced Tuesday that the EFF has received donations from two of Motsepe’s companies.

During his cross-examination at the Equality Court last week, Malema suggested that Motsepe was posing as a billionaire.

“I’m not sure if Patrice Motsepe is a billionaire. I’m not sure…sometimes I [a] suspect that [he is] an impostor. I’m not sure. I don’t agree,” he said.

Malema testified in the hate speech case that… AfriForum against him, his party and EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, for allegedly singing the controversial fight song Dubul’ibhunuwhich translates to “shoot the farmer” or “kill the farmer”.

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Now it has been revealed that the EFF has accepted donations from Harmony Gold Mining Company and African Rainbow Minerals (ARM).

Motsepe is the founder of ARM and is the current chairman from Harmony Gold Mining.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on Tuesday released its third quarterly report on political party donations received from donors, in accordance with the Political Parties Financing Act (PPFA

The EF announced its donations for the first time ever, totaling R3.1 million (R3,148,176.00).

According to the declarations reportThe Red Berets received two payments of R1,099,088 from both companies, and people were quick to remind Malema of his criticism of Motsepe.

“The majority of us who know how Julius Malema is a hypocrite and flip-flopper is not surprised that the EFF has been awarded R2.2 million from Patrice Motsepe, who insults Juju at every chance he gets… [shaking my head]† one Twitter user said

Motsepe’s net worth is currently $3.2 billion (R48.3 billion), according to Forbes

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It is not the first time that Malema has publicly criticized Motsepe.

in 2018the EFF leader accused the businessman of being a coup.

“There is another catch underway led by Patrice Motsepe. We want to say, Patrice, we’re watching. I warned about the Guptas in 2011. The Motsepes are now doing the same. We love Patrice, he is our brother. But if he continues in his greed, we will fight him,” Malema said at the time.

Last September, Malema said: EFF has not indicated any donations to the IEC in previous quarters, as the party kept alive thanks to funds received from the commission, parliament and party levies.

Meanwhile, Motsepe’s companies have also made donations to the ANCthe Democratic Alliance (DA), the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and Freedom Front Plus (FF+

The ANC received R 5,853,969 from Harmony Gold, while the DA received a total of R 2,115,019 from both ARM and Harmony Gold.

The IFP received a total of R687,588 in two payments and FF+ received R484,438.

Political Party Financing Act

The 2018 PPFA entered into force on April 1, 2021.

It came after President Cyril Ramaphosa in January 2021 announced its decision to implement the law after the approval of the bill by the National Assembly.

The law, signed into law in January 2019, establishes the mechanism for the funds to be provided to political parties represented in parliament and in the provincial legislature to carry out their work.

Political parties that violate certain sections of the law may hefty fines ranging from R40,000 to R1 million

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