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Mark Pilgrim confirms cancer return after 33 years in remission

Just weeks after celebrating more than three decades in remission, radio host Mark Pilgrim has confirmed that his cancer has returned.

He hinted at his return in a social media post to celebrate his wife and family on Saturday.

“In my moments of weakness you encourage me to find my strength. Thank you my Adriana. Spending a few days with all my girls, appreciating love and life, breathing the fresh air (and some Amarula), before the arduous journey starts again…,” Mark tweeted.

“You can’t tweet like this and give us no context… what?” responded Twitter user @Fifty_Nix.

“Hope it’s not what it sounds like, thinking of you anyway,” added @CremerIrene.

“Strength Mark, you have conquered more than most have ever done and you will do it again!” tweeted @DesOC.

On Monday, he confirmed the return of his cancer.

“Thank you for all the lovely messages of support for being away for a few days with loved ones. A few days after the PET scan, we know exactly what is going on. Suffice it to say that the Big C has come knocking on my door again,” he wrote marking on Instagram.

He also thanked his radio family on Hot 102.7 who he said had been “amazingly supportive”. Mark currently hosts the 9am-12pm slot at the community station.

“I ask for your patience when I’m off the air for treatment. My promise to you is that as long as I have the strength to climb the three flights of stairs in the studio and put on a good show, I’ll be there in the air, laughing and keeping each other company with some good tunes,” he promised his listeners.

“I’m not Chuck Norris. Yes, I’m scared. I am strong too. Both emotions run parallel to each other. I am under the care of incredible doctors and surrounded by love,” he concluded before declaring that his “story” was not over.

Mark’s post was immediately answered with messages of support and encouragement.

Mark was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer in 1988.

according to his Wikipedia pageit was an aggressive cancer and had spread to his lungs and kidneys.

“After nine months of chemotherapy, he was declared in remission and had remained so for about 33 years.”

Over the past few decades, he worked as an ambassador for the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) and was a “friend” of the Reach for a Dream Foundation.

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