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Minki – “Short hair, it doesn’t matter”

South African darling Minki van der Westhuizen is known for her golden locks, big bright smile and glittering eyes, but few things make a girl’s eyes sparkle like the results of a successful haircut.

Just a few days ago, Minki shared a photo of herself and her husband, Ernst Joubert, on a date. Her hair was elegantly combed back, complemented by a pair of gold earrings. One fan commented that Minki’s hair looks a lot like “Cameron Diaz hair.”

Shortly after, Minki had her hair cut, and now fans and celebrities alike are in love with her new look. The supermodel, mother and television host recently posed playfully in a photo she shared on social media. She looked flamboyant and fun with a brand new hairstyle that perfectly suits her radiant personality.

The choppy bob shows off her neck and shoulders and is probably one of the best haircuts you can get when fall starts to wink.

Alette Winckler commented that Minki’s hair looks pretty short, while Caroline Brussow simply said “Yasssss girl”.

A little shorter than usual, the mother of three captioned her photo: “Short hair, doesn’t matter.”

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In a post Minki shared on her Instagram earlier Friday, she looks glamorous in a mustard dress with her hair brushed sideways, paired with simple, yet elegant earrings that come full circle.

It also serves as a demonstration of another styling technique for the shorter bob. Whether it’s wild curls or elegantly straightened and combed sideways, this choppy bob is a safe bet if you’re looking for a new-yet-fashionable style for a new season.

Minki has always been one to follow when it comes to the latest fashion trends and styles, and her new haircut is the proof. The model and style icon was definitely born to stand out.

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