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Minnie Dlamini to model in JessicaJane show at Paris Fashion Week

In a few days, South African media personality Minnie Dlamini will leave for Paris to model at Paris Fashion Week. She will specifically walk for designer JessicaJane to show off the French Xhosa range during March 2022 Paris Fashion Week.

The JessicaJane label is the brainchild of fashion designer Jessica Jane Molebatsic† She is married to South African actor Wandile Molebatsi who is half Tswana and half Xhosa. Learning about her husband’s ethnic background and the cultural customs dear to his family influenced her journey into fashion design, culminating in an invitation to Paris Fashion Week.

According to a statement from her representative, Jessica decided to create a range that would mean something to all South Africans after being invited to showcase at the prestigious showcase.

“Her range embodies the idea of ​​cultural cohesion as it embraces the past, the present, and also racial and cultural differences.”

“The range is all the more personal to Jessica because of her multiracial family and the love they have for each other. After she married Wandile, Jessica’s social circle expanded and she began to have women approach her to make their traditional South African wedding dresses.”

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After creating a few traditional wedding dresses, Jessica was drawn to the impactful monochromatic nature of traditional Xhosa garments that paved the way for what her current designs look like.

“Jessica’s heritage of French, Norwegian, Scottish and English is, of course, something that flows through her designs. While designing and creating JessicaJane’s traditional wedding dresses, she still let her heritage flow through her designs, while maintaining a deep respect for the traditional cultural garments she had to design and make.”

The graduated fashion designer therefore always brings couture elements into her traditional garments and believes that a traditional wedding dress should be treated with the same care and attention as a civil wedding dress.

In addition to her recently developed interest in traditional Xhosa clothing, the founder of JessicaJane has always had an affinity for all things French.

According to her team, Jessica started imagining how her designs could creatively merge the aesthetics of these two styles.

“This creative design process had already started when JessicaJane received an invitation to show at Paris Fashion Week and she immediately knew she wanted to show a French-Xhosa range.”

Jessica then decided to name the range after her “given” name from her Xhosa aunts in the Molebatsi family; Noluthando which she says means “the one who gives love”.

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