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More than 8,000 suspected criminals arrested in KZN

February may have been a short month, but police wasted no time arresting thousands of suspects for a range of offences.

Multidisciplinary operations targeting crime in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) appear to be paying off, after police reported that 8,000 people had been arrested for various crimes in the province in February alone.

A combination of roadblocks, arrests and searches, raids on drug depots and liquor stores, as well as searches of entities contributing to the crime, such as second-hand dealers, scrap yards and pawnshops, resulted in the arrests.

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From February 1 to 28, 8,628 people were arrested, of whom 2,681 were charged with contact offences.

1,780 people were arrested for assault, 109 for three-way offenses and 352 for property offences.

1,839 suspects were arrested for drug-related offenses and 716 for alcohol-related offenses, with 443 arrested for drunk driving.

273 illegal firearms, 3 269 ammunition, drugs, liquor and counterfeit goods were also seized during police operations.

Police said firearms will undergo ballistic testing to determine if they have been used in other crimes in KZN.

“The increased involvement of communities in community police forums and other legal crime-fighting groups is very welcome, as vigilance is key to breaking the crime syndicates,” said Lt. Col. Nqobile Gwala.

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