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Mother convicted of attempted murder and rape of own son

A free-state mother charged with attempted murder, rape and other sex crimes against her own son has been sentenced to 18 years.

The incident reportedly took place in 2018 and the court sentenced her to her sentence on Wednesday, February 23.

The Mangaung Metro Family Violence Child and Sexual Offenses unit used testimonies from the victim’s brother, who was nine years old at the time of the incident.

The victim was only three years old when the incident took place. The testimony of the woman’s nine-year-old son proved justice and led to their mother’s prosecution.

The woman was sentenced to three years on count 1 of rape, three years on count 2 (Section 22), three years on count 3 (Section 7) and eight years for attempted murder.

Her sentences were suspended for five years. all other charges are associated with the sentence of 18 years.

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