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Msimanga accuses Makhura of making ‘broken promises’ to residents

DA Gauteng leader Solly Msimanga has accused Prime Minister David Makhura of making a “litany of broken promises” to the people of Gauteng over the years, saying Makhura is “unable and unfit to rule”.

Gauteng Sopa 2022

Msimanga on Thursday Delivered the DA’s alternative State of the Province Address (SOpa) at the party’s headquarters in Bruma, Johannesburg.

His scathing speech – described by the party as the “true state of the province” – precedes Makhura’s Sopa, scheduled for Monday at the Brixton MultiPurpose Center in Johannesburg.

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Msimanga said Makhura had only two Sopas left before his second term in office, and that he still had to fulfill his promises regarding e-tolls, curbing corruption and introducing lifestyle audits on all government officials, among other things.

“This litany of broken promises shows that Prime Minister Makhura is unable and unfit to rule. He will mark the history of the end of the ANC administration in Gauteng in 2024,” he said.

He said the residents of Gauteng were tired of the prime minister’s broken promises, adding that the DA had solutions to provide services, fight corruption and prioritize economic growth in the province.

“Prime Minister Makhura is increasingly missing, which clearly shows that he is collapsing under the pressure and can no longer maintain the pretense of good governance in Gauteng,” said Msimanga.


Msimanga said during Makhura’s Sopa in 2019 that he had indicated that the e-toll system was not working. He said the prime minister had so far not found a solution to scrap the system.

“This clearly shows that Prime Minister Makhura is not a man of his word as he has failed to convince his national counterpart that electronic tolls have no future in Gauteng and should be scrapped immediately.”


Msimanga told the prime minister that corruption was one of the key features that could be used to describe Makhura’s government.

“Like all the promises he’s made, only a handful have come true. The damning SIU report on corruption of personal protective equipment has now exposed the rotten corruption within Makhura’s government.

“Gauteng has wasted the largest amount of money on corruption, all of which happened under Prime Minister Makhura’s supervision.”

Msimanga also blamed Makhura’s office for the delay in reopening all sections of the fire-damaged Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital.

“Lives are at risk as thousands of patients no longer have access to specialized services such as heart, cancer and mental health care.

“This government is failing to get these hospital wards to reopen but has allowed money to be wasted on AngloGold Ashanti hospital.”

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Lifestyle audits

According to the DA leader, Makhura had said for years that lifestyle audits would be performed on all government officials, but this had not happened.

“Under his watch, corruption has proliferated and has now turned into an evil scourge for the province, which is apparently very difficult to remove because there is no political will to do so.”

compiled by Thapelo Lekabe

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