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Municipality of Joburg officially reverses permanent employment of 130 employees

The municipality of Joburg has officially signed a directive the reversal of the permanent employment of 130 employees.

The city of Joburg issued the directive on Wednesday, signed by acting city manager Mesuli Mlandu, after the conversion of the temporary contracts into permanent contracts was found to be irregular and illegal.

According to the city of Joburg, the decision was made after the South African Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) and workers’ lawyers protested the decision of the City

The directive ensures that temporary contracts are restored to their original form and recognized as such in the city’s HRM systems.

“You are hereby notified that, by means of the attached resolution revoking the decisions of the Mayor’s Commission to convert a fixed-term contract into a permanent one, the City Council has officially reversed what it believes to be an irregular and improper transposition act that affected lawful fixed-term contracts of personnel in political offices and chief operations officer’s office,” the directive reads.

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According to the Municipality of Joburg, these are not the employment contracts of employees who were initially announced as permanent contracts and who were filled in as permanent positions.

“This directive specifically concerns staff contracts in political offices and the office of chief operations officer whose positions were initially advertised as fixed-term contracts and filled as fixed-term contracts, then converted to permanent as a result of irregular decisions by the mayor’s committee. withdrawn by the City Council.

“The exit requirements implemented by the Municipality of Joburg as the fixed-term contracts expire should be implemented with respect to the recently regularized fixed-term contracts that expire at the end of April 2022.”

New fixed-term contract positions will be advertised and filled from 01 May 2022

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