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Nasty C Urges Fans To Delete Social Media For Their Mental Health

The topic of mental health remains a high priority in the days following Riky Rick’s passing, and the latest person to join the conversation is South African rap superstar Nasty C.

For years, people have complained about the microblogging platform Twitter on the platform itself, calling it toxic due to the nasty nature of some of the posts posted by users.

Like most other platforms, Twitter also causes bullying and other social phenomena that in turn affect the mental health of Twitter users – famous or otherwise.

filthy C Tired of seeing these complaints, and he’s one of many who don’t want another life lost because of this, so he shared some advice.

“Don’t spend all day on Twitter complaining about people on Twitter. Just go away. Remove it. It really is that simple. Post your links if you must, but don’t stay here. If you’re looking for love/kindness/support/understanding/solution, you won’t find it here,” the rapper mused.

“We give this app way too much power and control over our real lives. I promise if we all just left, it would be a huge step in the right direction. It’s just another version of hell… sitting in your phone.”

Nasty C went on to state that Twitter was the place to be “if you want to be taken apart, judged, hated, dragged, tricked etc.”

“If you love yourself or want to start loving yourself, go away. It really is that simple. Have fun,” he concluded.

Nasty’s comments follow similar observations from fellow rappers AKA and Cassper Nyovest.

“I left Twitter almost a year ago and it basically saved my life,” AKA said in response to Nasty C’s Instagram post.

“One of the darkest streets on the internet disguised as a shelter for opinions,” noted OkMalumKoolkat.

“Got a new phone about a month ago, never downloaded it again and I’m not going back. I would HIGHLY recommend this. Thanks for sharing brother,” added Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena.

“The best thing I ever had for my sanity was leaving that app for good,” said radio host booty love

Other celebrities have long made the same point as these rappers, openly expressing their disdain for how people behave on Twitter.

Veteran South African actor Patrick Shai is one of many who found out just how bad Twitter can get before committing suicide.

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